Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Prim Doll Studio Blog

Aren't these dolls just scrumptious!!!
The dolls all were created by Helen Pringle!
On the blog of Prim Doll Studio I have been explaining to the best of my humble ability
The difference between Primitive, FolkArt, Vintage, Whimsical
Come by would love to have your comments !!!!


creativedawn said...

LOL! Okay, Sherrie, I rushed right over to read about the "PRIMS", hoping for a "difinitive" idea of the difference between primitive, folkart, vintage...pheww! Whimsical needed no defining, but I am just as confused after reading the comments as I was before. The uglier and dirtier items I thought were the! So I conclude it is all a matter of perspective!
hugz, Pam

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

I agree Pam it is in the eye of the beholder..but Prim use to be the really dirty grungie look now people have gone on and on with the word Prim..Prim / FolkArt example is taking a doll and aging it..but then painting the face which gives it a FolkArt twist..Bottom line is it is up to the artist what the call their finish doll

Kat Lees said...

Sherrie the blog is gorgeous, so informative, want to see more of your work sister dear. Love you, Kat

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

Thanks much Kast..I have been quiet because I am working on FIVE new patterns and classes.I soon will have new (My dolls) to share.I hope my blog is easy to read and informentive ..