Thursday, September 24, 2009

Working on making two new patterns!!

Working on making two new patterns!! I have legs hanging in the window
to dry then stripe and make shoes
legs wet and legs ready to paint again..Legs every where")
Bodys of patterns in different stages, Larger doll is Thomas
Smaller doll hasn't given me a name yet:(
Thomas in the beginning!
Cloth has been aged and ready to make clothing tada!
Thomas in the beginning has been aged.
Smaller doll in the beginning aged..I enjoy taking pictures from my brain on to paper, then pics of the steps.I can see mistakes or look at as a third person through their eyes.Its a good thing to do and makes you keep on being inspired and excited about your newest creation too!
okay gals now what have you been up to??I wanna know:)


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I'll show my husband your photo of the legs hanging everywhere so he won't feel like he's the only one out there who lives like this!

Liz said...

All those legs. You do love to sew. Wonderful work and pictures.

Sherrie Nordgren-Sympletymes,Pinkeeps,BoomingAprons said...

I have to laugh at my self..bit of a story behind me sewing like a slob
#1 I tend to get more finished.#2 we were going to move and had the house up for sale which meant EVERY thing had to stay neat and spot less at all times even my sewing room
what a pain in the bunns to try to created and then turn around and clean every thing and put it all way..Only to drag it back out the next then in the middle of creating getting a phone call people wanting to see the house..Then you had to stop and put every way again.Talk about frustrating!!
We have decided to stay where we are for a couple more years.I have been having a creating storm and just enjoying it..Cause I can keep the ole legs hanging as long as I want all I do is shut my sewing room door LOL!!I do how ever clean every thing up nice and neat when finished with a doll,,Only to start all over again,But for me creating in a clean sewing room makes me inspire and want to create!

JKW said...

I love your pictures, yep, my studio exactly, well not quite, I put my doll's boots upside down in a large glass to dry. Right now I have 7 heads and am just working on the arms, hands, legs, YIKES, it is going to be awhile before I can 'show.' Thankfully there is time :) Blessings, Janet