Monday, June 30, 2008

Pretty Little Pincushions By: Lark books

my new book..I bought at Joanns using my 40% cupon it was only $7.25
They do have it on used for only $ 10.60
it is a awesome pincushion book.I just love it.
From ultra-feminine and vintage chic to whimsically colorful and downright oddball, these pincushions redefine the form. And that’s sure to attract the many creative sewers and crafters who have chosen these small, charming canvases as the perfect vehicle to showcase fabulous fabric, simple embellishments, and novel ideas. Nearly 30 projects from a pool of talented designers provide plenty of inspiration, and there’s information on materials and adornments, stuffing options, and what makes a successful, functional pincushion. All that’s needed are beginning hand-sewing skills to stitch up such unique creations as tiny flowerpot and ladybug pincushions made from a bottle-cap base; a beehive complete with honey bee-topped pins; a selection of heirloom pincushions with vintage trim, lace, and buttons; or elegant silk fruit suited to a centerpiece as much as a sewing basket. Still others, like a tropical fish, a pair of cacti, or a crazy striped rooster, can double as plushy toys without the pins.A Selection of the Crafter’s Choice Book Club.

I belong to a wonderful group called Cloth Doll Artistry
Joined their pincushion swap and this book is just what I needed the idea's are endless!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Wanted to share about

Howdy Hey Every One..I wanted to share about this neat very informative blog
I have read her articles monthly and have grown and enjoyed them too
You miht want to Subscribe to her blog too.
be sure to check out her links on the right side column
you will see many goodies
along with "Primitive Times Magazine E-Zine "
Get Your FREE Primitive Times Magazine E-Zine (.PDF) Issues
CLICK on the link in the drop-down menu below to download the FREE .PDF E-Zine Issue that you want to read. Present issue along with past issues..
Hope you enjoy Sherrie

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pioneer Doll tells her story

My offering this week for "Friday Flea Market"
Pioneer Doll tells her story
Mary observed her peaceful slumbering family in a flickering light from the cherry-red embers.
Mary thought back to a hazy, stifling hot day in August 1794, About three months ago. As Etta sat on the porch flickering her needle and thread creating a new rag doll "Mary" for her young daughter Sara and listening to the talk about moving into the wilderness. Game was scarce around their home in Fincastle, Virginia. Soon, they'd be forced to scratch their living from the rocky soil. Mary knew her husband Robert strong dislike for farming. Etta knew Robert had made up his mind. Starting over in the wilderness meant they could build a better life, As the sun rose gently over the Sara felt the nudge as the horse started to move and carry them away from the only home she had known into the journey of a new beginning. There was no road to their new home. No bridges spanned the scores of rivers and streams they'd cross. Few settlements, trading posts or farms dotted the landscape beyond the Allegheny Mountains. They would struggle through rugged, hilly country, cross lush, green meadows and penetrate vast areas of thick forest to reach their new home. Traveling would be difficult Yes, there were risks, but they were worth the prize
Sara tightly holding Mary in her arms heard her Mother say "Lord, watch over us."

The first few days were miserable. A constant, cold rain dampened their spirits and impeded their progress. Traveling meant trudging along paths of slick, sticky mud. Etta, a welcome respite from her never-ending chores. Her only task was to keep up with Sara,.A two year old wasn't one to sit for long periods of time, Etta and Sara hold tightly to Mary with a happy heart, she and Sara and Mary explored their new land. Soon, everyone was busily preparing a hot meal. Father built a small fire that quickly became a bed of red-hot embers. On these coals, Etta roasted the edible tubers she had foraged during her explorations. Father grilled five plump trout in the searing heat of the embers. He hand-caught the trout in the nearby brook. Etta along with Sara's help made a Journey Cake from her meager supply of corn meal and sugar. It baked on a hot, flat rock in the fire.Sara whispered secrets to Mary as they awaited dinner. Mary laid next to Sara knew in later years, the family fondly remembered the delicious meal they shared that day.

see Mary at Symple Tymes Etsy

Monday, June 23, 2008

In The Beginning!

In The Beginning! Creating again yahOooOo
I'm calling this "In The Beginning" I will use every thing in the picture and a bit more
Gosh wish I could just blink my eyes and poof and have it completely done..But it will be soon!!
This will be my third pattern,Now I ask you how exciting is that!

New auction site
awesome new auction site that is burning up the air waves or I should say the web lines with there site. It is just like E-bay but allows the E-Patterns and they have made our fees worth our time and efforts. It's nice to have a little of nice competition for buyers and sellers. This new site is up and coming and is truly on it's way to being a huge success !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Roscoe

Well how do you begin...At the beginning I guess..This is a picture of our Roscoe(our little MinPin ) at Christmas time,Sitting with Dad watching the fireplace,

For ten awesome years he has been our 4 legged little boy.

He had such a puppy Spirit until the end,

Roscoe's nick name was Attitude ,He always had Attitude that made you smile or just flat out do a belly laugh....

Angel our 4 legged little girl (cocker) was his little sis and they both acted just like real brothers and sisters.Protective of each other..

To be short

We had to totally unexpected ,put Roscoe to sleep yesterday.

I stayed and held him to the end. I know every one has lost a loved animal.
And knows the pain is that is so unreal.I just had to write hoping maybe this will help heal,

Angel is really moppie,I feel her not knowing as she keeps looking.. but knowing some thing is wrong, Today I decided to start bein Thankful and celebrate the awesome 10 year we were blessed to have our Roscoe.He will never be forgotten and always be loved, I'm one of those that firmly believes we will see our loved animals as our loved one once again one day in heaven!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sassy Apron Swap Theme Summer

Sassy Apron SwapTheme was summer
I made this for my partner for the Sassy Apron SwapTheme was summerThe apron had to have some sort of embellishment this time like Ric-rack, fancy trims, decorative stitching, BUT must be washable so NO GLUE.)
The apron had to be Adult Sized Included with your apron must be a dish or tea towel. It doesn't have to be hand-made but that would be nice. Something that goes with your apron.
Also you had to include the recipe for your favorite NON-ALCOHOLIC summer beverage

Happy Father's Day

Your favorite cake!
and surrounding you with all our love. Your the Bestest Dad in the whole world,You and your love is always there for us.
We Love you so very much!
Valerie, Gary, Brian, Samantha!!!!

As the Father of our children your awesome, Our children are who they are because of you

I Love you more than words can express Happy Fathers Day sweet heart..Sherrie

Friday, June 13, 2008

Come Join BoomingAprons very first Apron Swap!!!
Long hot summer! Lets do some cool down aprons, Lets think
Some Idea's
Fall Leaves , Pumpkins, Crisp Air, some really cool aprons,
Costumes and yard decorations.Caludrons, Frankenstein, Dracula and anything you can imagine for a Halloween Apron .Funky Wigs, teeth, Halloween candy, Kids trick-or-treating , Frightful M&M'S , Character from your favorite Halloween movie ,

Remember Halloween also brings with it the start of the Holiday Season, pumpkin patches, and that warm fuzzy feeling that winter is on the way. Many families celebrate with a huge bash for friends and family and even the neighborhood kids. Bobbing for apples, yummy goodies, and dressing up in our Aprons!!! are just some of the fun to be had.

Come and Join Us: Here all you do!
Email us your name, Mailing Address, Email Addy, Your blog or web site.
Place our Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap logo on your blog or web site

Deadline to commit to the swap
June 13 th to June 30th sign up*Sorry after June 30th no more sign ups is allowed*
When is the apron due? Aprons must be mailed out by July 30 at the latest.

We will collect all the names, swap them out, and Post them here on BoomingAprons
We also will send you a e-mail listing alon with your partners information.
Please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally or not Anything you want your partner to know such as color dislikes, size, or some such info.

Email us your name, Mailing Address, Email Addy, Your blog or web site.mailto:boomingaprons@yahoo.comPlace our Beat The Heat July Halloween Apron Swap logo on your blog or web site
We have opened a flickr group where we can post our apron pictures Please join

You will create an adult sized apron with .. *Halloween or Fall * theme
Let your imagination soar!! Incorporate the colors of Halloween or Fall , Design, whatever.
It just needs to be *Halloween or Fall *
You can design your own apron or use a pattern. If you cannot sew but want to participate you may purchase an apron but it has to be a Hand-Made apron, New or vintage is fine also.
Use your imagination for Embellishments , BUT DO USE Embellishments
Included with your Apron should be Halloween or Fall Card!!
Get to know your partner, Look at their blogs , web sites, leave comments, E-mail each other,But most of all HAVE FUN!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday Flea Market

It's almost Friday, Thought I'd be early in posting my offerings for Friday Flea Market!

But first I want to say a *Big*Thank *You * to Polly at Counting Your Blessings for organizing FFM for all of us ~ Please click here to find other great items from my talented fellow Friday Flea Market friends!

This week I'm offering the full set of 3 "Portrait of Dolls By:Carol L Jacobsen
This set (books) was published "about 1970- 1979-
Doll history, Lots of pictures both in color and black and white, A wealth of knowledge!!

Volume 1: A Sentimental Portrait of Dolls One Hundred Years 1850 - 1950

Part 1: Portraits in Bisque

The Royal Crown goes To Kestner,The Baby Hilda

Simon and Halbi ,Others, The Land of Enchantment, Color Plates

Part 2: Delighful Compositions

Shirley Temple, Madame Alexander, Effanbee, The Composition Story

Volume 2: A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls

A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls volume 2 , is a Past and Present

view of collectible dolls from the 1850's to the present time.

Volume 3 : A Very Special Portrait of Dolls
Part 1 : Character Dolls

Part 2 :

From France , Closed Mouth, French Fashion

Part 3 :

Memories , The Little White House , Search For Hilda ,

Part 4 :

YesterYears Dolls, The erman Bisque

Part 5 :
ChildHood Treasures , The Composition Doll

Part 6 :

The Irresisible Schoenhut

Part 7 :

The Oriental , From Switzerland , Of Old Attics , Etc.. Little Daisy

You can find this wonderful set of historical Doll books at SympleTymes.Etsy.Com
Thanks so much for looking!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Other Boleyn Girl DVD

The Other Boleyn Girl is out on DVD if you haven't seen this movie or read the book

or have done both like me..Still run out and buy this movie on DVD..Its one you will watch over and over again it is wonderful,the costumes alone was worth the movie and written on true facts..about King Henry VIII Two sisters competing for the greatest prize: the love of a kingWhen Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye of Henry VIII. Dazzled by the king, Mary falls in love with both her golden prince and her growing role as unofficial queen. However, she soon realizes just how much she is a pawn in her family¹s ambitious plots as the king¹s interest begins to wane and she is forced to step aside for her best friend and rival: her sister, Anne. Then Mary knows that she must defy her family and her king, and take her fate into her own hands.A rich and compelling tale of love, sex, ambition, and intrigue, The Other Boleyn Girl introduces a woman of extraordinary determination and desire who lived at the heart of the most exciting and glamorous court in Europe and survived by following her own heart.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Celebrate Blondies Blog FIRST Anniversary!!

you can see some of Blondies give aways
topsy-turvy doll, a mini sewing caddy anda hand of friendship
WwHhoOo and there is even More!!!!!


Sorry I don't have any thin new for FFM this week but please stop bu FFM and see every ones awesome offerings!!

Hugs Sherrie

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

BLOG-A-THON ANNOUNCEMENT:Over the four weeks of June, every Monday will be "I Remember Laura" day of the Laura Ingalls Wilder blog-a-thon. Each week has a theme in which a passage from one of Laura's books will be featured. You can share and participate by posting on that theme on your blog and linking up to my main post using Mr. Linky. I have created the above button for you to cut and paste to your blog. I would greatly appreciate your help in spreading the word of this sure to be fun event!