Thursday, June 12, 2008

Friday Flea Market

It's almost Friday, Thought I'd be early in posting my offerings for Friday Flea Market!

But first I want to say a *Big*Thank *You * to Polly at Counting Your Blessings for organizing FFM for all of us ~ Please click here to find other great items from my talented fellow Friday Flea Market friends!

This week I'm offering the full set of 3 "Portrait of Dolls By:Carol L Jacobsen
This set (books) was published "about 1970- 1979-
Doll history, Lots of pictures both in color and black and white, A wealth of knowledge!!

Volume 1: A Sentimental Portrait of Dolls One Hundred Years 1850 - 1950

Part 1: Portraits in Bisque

The Royal Crown goes To Kestner,The Baby Hilda

Simon and Halbi ,Others, The Land of Enchantment, Color Plates

Part 2: Delighful Compositions

Shirley Temple, Madame Alexander, Effanbee, The Composition Story

Volume 2: A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls

A Past and Present Portrait of Dolls volume 2 , is a Past and Present

view of collectible dolls from the 1850's to the present time.

Volume 3 : A Very Special Portrait of Dolls
Part 1 : Character Dolls

Part 2 :

From France , Closed Mouth, French Fashion

Part 3 :

Memories , The Little White House , Search For Hilda ,

Part 4 :

YesterYears Dolls, The erman Bisque

Part 5 :
ChildHood Treasures , The Composition Doll

Part 6 :

The Irresisible Schoenhut

Part 7 :

The Oriental , From Switzerland , Of Old Attics , Etc.. Little Daisy

You can find this wonderful set of historical Doll books at SympleTymes.Etsy.Com
Thanks so much for looking!

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