Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have been Tagged

I have been tagged - thank you, Flora http://boneheadstudio.blogspot.com/
so now let me see hmmmm..... I must share 5 things about myself that you didn't know. This is hard because welll the above pic says it all it is so me!!!!

1.) I met my sweet hubby when I was 16 yrs old,He also was 16..We were both in High School, We graduated June 1969, We got married July 1969.:) Funny I can honestly say we just keep falling in love every day.

2.) I was adopted at the age of two,

3.) I would love to live in the Mountains of TN with at least 5 - 10 acres and enjoy the four seasons;:)

4.) I can not carry a tune. absolutely zip null void not a tune in me, My Dad told me when I was about six yrs old, He would buy me a gold bucket to "Carry" my tune in:))) I'm still waiting!

5.) I love Jesus, Life, Family and Friends ,and I love Creating so many wonderful things, !

This was harder than I thought. I really had to think, I really don't know much about myself LOL

Now I'm suppose to pick people that I would like to know more about, so tag you're it! Please list five things about yourself & then tag five other friends.



Mica Garbarino :http://garboodles.typepad.com/garboodles_soup/


Yvette :http://ydaydream.blogspot.com/

Friday, January 25, 2008

Izannah Walker Chronicles

Izannah Walker Chronicles Izannah Walker Chronicles
Links to Pictures and Writings About Izannah Walker Dolls Oh my gosh all your IW lovers out there and those who don't know what a Izannah Walker doll is, Please go see the brand new blog created by Dixie Redmond of Northdixie DesignsDixie is a fantastic doll designer, and a true lover of Izannah Walker Dollsshe even has held a real Izannah Walker Doll in her own arms!Not many get to do hat!!The new awesome blog is called Izannah Walker Chronicles Izannah Walker Chronicles
Then stop by my friend Jackie Hendricks
aka: Plain-n-Simple, Plain-n-Simple Blog
see her wonderful Izannah Walker inspired Nellie,
Jackie truly creates the most awesome IW inspired dolls.

Valentine Tags

Here are some of the Valentine Tags I have been working, I have a gal who asked me to create some vintage Valentine Tags....She owns her own bakery and she will be attaching these to her customers purchases,She places all her customers purchases in pink boxes then takes tissue paper of each holiday and then wraps the box usually adds a tag with her name business name phone number ..She and her staff wear Victorian aprons, her shop is (I would say )Shabby, Victorian, Vintage..In the bakery she has tables with linens and silverware where you can sit and be served. At Christmas my daughter and I were out taking Christmas presents to some of our favorite local business, Like our favorite... hair dresser, favorite mom and pop restaurant..We decided since it was the holidays we would stop in at the Bakery and treat our selves to some Christmas goodies.We carried in our last couple Christmas presents with us, And the owner of the bakery came over to our table and just flipped in joy over the tags on the presents.She said this is exactly what she has been looking for!!.She asked where we had bought them, I said they are all hand made, not bought .she asked who made these that she just loved them and wanted to buy some, Valerie my daughter popped up before I could answer, and said My Mom made these..I know my face turn blood red..But isn't it nice when you hear your own child who is all grown up, and adult herself says some thing about their Mom with such pride....well the rest is history..Now she has a on going order with me for each holiday!!!
These are just a few of Valentine ones for this year.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Family of Six in the making!

I decided to make a family.Yeppers, Daddy, MaMa and their four chidren..They will be dressed

for the holidays each one..Now I know this is playing dolls, Some thing I have never done in my whole life..Also I'm working on a offering special for The Humbles Arts!
Daddy here he has Green eyes, But I have decided to also re-do his face completely

Daddy gonna re-do his face completely

MaMa sitting next to him, is before I re-did her face.. Here I re-did Mama's face..I'm trying to learn how to soften and shadow.. Still not right but it is better. *MaMa diffently will get a pretty smile*My sweet hubby just told me he liked MaMa's face before I re-did her..Thats cool.*Smack* He said it looked more defined..

I really need a second and even third person to help critique my stuff:)

any volunteers PUuuuULLEEZE!

So far here is two of their four children

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My *First* for this wonderful new year 2008. Can you tell what this might be??

My *First* for this wonderful new year 2008. Can you tell what this might be??
Sheeze that is the question I asked last Saturday.. As you see I didn't get to far. So many interuptions.. When your home is for sale it is a pain in the neck! But Saturday I'm having a day all by my self, I declared i t Sewing Doll Day!!!! So I should be able to get a whole lot done..Don't for get I'm working Two - 16in dolls and 2 - 12 in dolls and 4 sheep pin dolls and a blue bird:)!!

Okay she has the starts of her face,..still needs more work and I haven't made my mine up whether I should antique her face or just leave. it.Lookie I gave them both toes!

They both have fingers also.
Now she says please put me together I'm cold naked like this!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beat the winter blues doll swap

Hey me buddies in good and in crime *Big Smile* you know who you are.. come on and join this Beat the winter blues doll swap with me ok.. I have already committed to doing this swap. Why you ask??? Well cause it is going to fun to create some thing for some else and to make it especially sunshiny and sweet. Mail out day is not until Feb 29th..SO that gives us 6 weeks??
aw comon you can do it !:) It will be a great way to start our new year out, by giving to some else making them feel a bit extra special, and getting rid of those yuckie winter blues !!
I will look for you ! Hugs to all Sherrie
Here is what Vivian the hostess with the mostess says
"Beat the winter blues doll swap", and the theme of the doll will be "sunshiney and sweet". the dolls can be made out of any medium and can range in size from 9 to 15 inches. All I ask is that you put your heart into the doll and make it special, because that way everyone will make something extra nice and everyone will be happy with what they recieve!
I am so excited already!
I'll take sign ups until jan. 23. and will email or post partners on the 24th. That will give us the rest of Jan and all of Feb to design and finish our dolls. Lets have the mail out day be leap day! Feb 29th! then we will all recieve our dolls at the right time to cheer us from the winter blues! (well those of us living in snow country anyways..) Everyone else lucky enough to live in sunshine all year around, will be recieving a little extra dose of sunshine in the mail!!
Ok.. so.. please email me vivianneroni@yahoo.com
to sign up, please include your name, mailing address, email address,
blog address and your flickr if you have one. Also please consider this a committment

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ms. Nellie Morgan

Ms. Nellie Morgan Created By : Jackie Hendricks
Jackie is such a sweet heart, Just down to earth and a fantastic Artist She creates her own interpretation (style ) of a Izannah Walker Dolls ,Her dolls are just AWESOME! , Please do go by and take a peek at Jackies latest awesome Doll!!!Leave a note to her to,,we all should let others know how much we appreciate their talents and sharing!
This picture below is a of a real
Izannah Walker doll

Izannah F. Walker, one of America's earliest known female doll makers, was born in 1817 in Bristol, Rhode Island. On June 28, 1873, at the age of 56, Walker applied for a patent for "improvement in the manufacture of dolls." In her application Walker claimed "my doll is inexpensive, easily kept clean, and not apt to injure a young child which may fall upon it. It will preserve its appearance for a long time."1 As witnessed by the surviving examples of her work, we know that this is true. Izannah was granted a patent on November 4, 1873.
Research has uncovered a documented case of her making dolls as early as 1828

to read more about the history of this truly wonderful doll please read

Here is a wonderful galleryof REAL IW Original Izannah Walker Dolls Dolls Made by Izannah Walker her self.
also here are some well known and very awesome artists with their own designs and their own interpretation (style ) of a Izannah Walker Dolls

Don't you just love to read about the history of these wonderful dolls?I Love to
Hugs to all Sherrie

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My *First* for this wonderful new year 2008. Can you tell what this might be??
Can you tell what this might be??
Can you tell what this might be??

Can you tell what this might be?? if you can ,..please tell me okay:)

I 'm just feeling so great for our new year 2008, Yeppers steppin outta me box... not steppin on the box! Have some great ideas , creations to create, I do not wanna be the same in 2008

So far so good growing and learning and holding to my self proclaimed promises for 2008, Writing in my new (first ever)Journal every day. Two one for the night and one for the day..

Monday is the big day yeppers going to go join Weight Watchers and watch this fat melt away!

Living healthier is my promise for 2008, healthier choices in actions and in all I say not just for one day, But for always ...So comon what cha say lets make 2008 great by creating in our own way whether body or art it is sure to heal the heart in 2008!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rosey Little Pincushion

Rosey Little Pincushion
Rosey Little Pincushion,
originally uploaded by She'sSewPretty.
One More time look at this beautifull pinkeep..mMmmm bet ie smells really nice with the lavender..Her hand made roses are always so sweet..I am thinking of having a Pinkeep Challenge .Just some thing Fun to do..What do you all think?
Go by and see She'sSewPretty pinkeeps they are just so fine!
Hugs Sherrie

pin cushion- make-do

pin cushion- make-do
pin cushion- make-do,
originally uploaded by Mimi K.
Oh take a look at this awesome pinkeep created by MiMi Kirchner
her blog is:

Ok ya gotta go by and take a peek at this.Know what I love about this pin keep is it tells a storie and it is unique
Hugs Sherrie

Monday, January 07, 2008


Have to share this with you all tis a must! :) Cause she is a February Birthday baby , I am a February Birthday baby too:) So us February babies gotta stitck together !! Nope don't know this sweet gal, but her blog does speak for her..It is full of eye candy and Love!
Catieans Corner is having a wonderful give away , Not ONE but TWO Give Aways!
Yeppers that is what I said "a give away" FREE, Knota, Zip, Nothing , Zero!!
TWO give Aways..One with wonderful embellishing, creative tidbits, Vintage copies and soooooo much more..every thing you will need or something that represents each of the holidays for the year!! yeppers that what she said
" need or something that represents each of the holidays " for a YEAR!! oHhOohhh what fun
run over to Catieans Corner and read all about it!! Hugs to all Sherrie http://www.catieanscorner.blogspot.com/
And I quote:
Here are a few little tidbits that you will find in your box of goodies: a green peackcock feather wreath, vintage lace, ribbon, pearls, floral corsage...........small victorian tussie
"vintage postcards with dates and letters written on the back, original ads from the early 1900's, copies of textbook pages from late 1800-1900, vintage wallpaper trim, and the list goes on. it will be great 'stuffs' for collage work, adding that final touch to a tussie or a hat or whatever you decide to make this next year.It will include something that represents each of the holidays for the year!!"

Friday, January 04, 2008

Bootie Pattern

Many of you probably know of these totally wonderful and Free Patterns By Heather Bailey (daughter inlay of E.P.Bailey)Heather also is the designer of fabric Freshcut and Free Spirit,and she is a real down to earth person and such a sweetie.
I wanted to make sure you have this Bootie Pattern, I have used it for so many of my Dolls and Animals.I have re-sized the pattern for my own need's from super small to super big. It is wonderful..http://www.heatherbaileydesign.com/Booties.htmlHeather has several other Free Patterns along with some neat Tutorials..http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/
oh and I also wanted to let you all know on flickr, You can see how others have used Heather Bailey 's Bitty Booties™ pattern http://www.flickr.com/groups/bittybooties/pool/

Free Pattern Head Bands

*Heather Bailey*'s photos