Monday, January 14, 2008

Ms. Nellie Morgan

Ms. Nellie Morgan Created By : Jackie Hendricks
Jackie is such a sweet heart, Just down to earth and a fantastic Artist She creates her own interpretation (style ) of a Izannah Walker Dolls ,Her dolls are just AWESOME! , Please do go by and take a peek at Jackies latest awesome Doll!!!Leave a note to her to,,we all should let others know how much we appreciate their talents and sharing!
This picture below is a of a real
Izannah Walker doll

Izannah F. Walker, one of America's earliest known female doll makers, was born in 1817 in Bristol, Rhode Island. On June 28, 1873, at the age of 56, Walker applied for a patent for "improvement in the manufacture of dolls." In her application Walker claimed "my doll is inexpensive, easily kept clean, and not apt to injure a young child which may fall upon it. It will preserve its appearance for a long time."1 As witnessed by the surviving examples of her work, we know that this is true. Izannah was granted a patent on November 4, 1873.
Research has uncovered a documented case of her making dolls as early as 1828

to read more about the history of this truly wonderful doll please read

Here is a wonderful galleryof REAL IW Original Izannah Walker Dolls Dolls Made by Izannah Walker her self.
also here are some well known and very awesome artists with their own designs and their own interpretation (style ) of a Izannah Walker Dolls

Don't you just love to read about the history of these wonderful dolls?I Love to
Hugs to all Sherrie


Plain-n-Simple! said...

LOL!!! Sher, I came over to your blog to say Hi, you would not believe it, at my age I BLUSHED!!! I am not kidding when i saw Nellie here. You are the kindest gal, I swear!!!! Sending you a huge Hug!!!

Jennie said...

The dolls are lovely! Thank you for the links! I am on my way to take a peek at Jackie's blog right now!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

awee Jackie, I just love seeing others totally awesome art and then I get so excited I just have to tell every one lese to, Besides
this is also the best way to introduce to others the many many different type and methods of dolls and dolll making.Girl you are right up there with the best!
Jennie Ihope you did go and see Jackies dolls, I meant to tell ya though be sure to take a hankie cause you will drool trust me they are wonderful!!
Hugs Sherrie