Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My *First* for this wonderful new year 2008. Can you tell what this might be??

My *First* for this wonderful new year 2008. Can you tell what this might be??
Sheeze that is the question I asked last Saturday.. As you see I didn't get to far. So many interuptions.. When your home is for sale it is a pain in the neck! But Saturday I'm having a day all by my self, I declared i t Sewing Doll Day!!!! So I should be able to get a whole lot done..Don't for get I'm working Two - 16in dolls and 2 - 12 in dolls and 4 sheep pin dolls and a blue bird:)!!

Okay she has the starts of her face,..still needs more work and I haven't made my mine up whether I should antique her face or just leave. it.Lookie I gave them both toes!

They both have fingers also.
Now she says please put me together I'm cold naked like this!


Yvette said...

She is going to be darling!
I love her little toes :o) they are so cute!

catieann said...

I love her eyes!!!
hi sherrie
I am visiting every one who visited my blog and signed up for my give away--tomorrow!!
I have entered you in both drawings. I love your blog and will be back often to visit. I signed up for the doll swap!! HOw fun

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Yvette!Thank You so much for your compliment, She has brother who has toes also, but he doesn't have a face yet,hehehe but has fingers n toes! I so love every one of your beautiful miniature teddy bears,Hugs Sherrie

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi catie! Thanks much for coming by..and I'm soooo happy you signing up for Vivianns doll swap, I'm hoping more will join in the
fun too, I love your blog and will be by often, I laughed so hard at the story about your cats "WHO DID IT?" the pictures are priceless!

Lorraine said...

Hi Sherrie!! Your dollie looks so wonderful, even all naked..LOL!! Can't wait to see her all finished!!

HElen said...

Hi Sherrie! Best wishes in New Year!
I love the eyes of this doll, she looks a little bit lonely , she is waiting for her brother or another sister :) Wonderful work!
Hugs, Helen

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Helen soooo good to see you, Wishing you a super great new year too, Thanks so much Helen,I'm making a family, One for me to play with. I did the Dad's face today but I do not like it am going to start over with him.But did get the to kids all ready for hair and to be dressed!I have been over to your blog and see your awesome sock creations man they are sooo cute!(((Hugs))) Sherrie

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Lorraine !! Thank You for the encouragement..I need it after today did you ever have a dolly day and working all day on a doll hour after hour only to know your going to have to just stop and make a new one:(!But tada~ I'm determined!!Love Love your newest Painted Doll you have on ebay..You sure have captured the yesteryear look and feeling!