Thursday, October 19, 2006

only 3 days left auction benefit Ronald McDonald House

Hi All!! I just wanted to share with you
There is only 3 days left for......Ronald McDonald House ......
Every Year Folkart Square holds its Doll Challenge event. Doll Artists from all over join in to participate for a well deserved cause. This year, the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Ronald McDonald House So take a peek ok!!
Thank You SO much,
God's Blessing to you

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tastes changing/what primitive is??

I to see my tastes changing, all the sudden I want color color!,I want animals, toys, as created from 1900's through 1950's my child hood..
Also I have been playing, YEPPERS PLAYING! talk about getting a new creative re-charge!!

just cut loose and play...sounds crazy ...but it is so relaxing..opens your heart! and re-charges you !! !

I have been Using lots of colors ,mix media, enter twining vintage with bright colors in a Quilting block,my first ever,,
Sampler..making one for my daughter for Christmas, using colors and yesteryear stitches and embroidery of old script hand writing, just playing..., clay faces with cloth doll bodies, whimsey..,

I call my playing "Expression's"
Like many I'd give any thing to be able to re-create real antique dolls,
but I have to use talent I have and study and make it grow before I ever can.

In the mean time I will not allow it to pull me down...
Just keep loving my sweeties I make...and keep creating.....

Who can really say what primitive is?? my definition of primitive is grundgy ,nails for hair, miss shaped in body ect..I feel "Primitive Grundgy, is a new look for today..created by artists of today,Primitive is not from yesteryear, That is vintage..true vintage... There seems to be a huge following for Primitive Grundgy type of art.

In 2002 I was so fortunate to have met Kay Cloud, Her dolls (To me) are how I would say and see our pioneer Mother's creating for their little ones dolls,Her book is "Creating Early American Dolls By: Kay Cloud" She uses alot of saw dust to stuff with,,also wool, rag,but she also uses colors,embroidery for faces, she also uses acrylics, oils,Bodies are portioned correctly.

I held her dolls and she has captured yesteryear look and feel..hey truly looked old, vintage, but had no holes, nails, just well loved rich with history.

I say all this because many who create dolls and call them primtive by making them dirty grundgy,miss-shaping their heads , bodies ect....

and then refering to this as how our pioneer Mother's created their dolls Primitive.. no this is not true, That isn't primitive.Just my little ole 2 cents worth..Sherrie

Monday, October 16, 2006

DOLLS AUCTION Benefiting SICK Children

Without your participation, this EVENT couldnt happen!! Benefiting SICK Children in the Ronald McDonald House Program Every Year Folkart Square holds its Doll Challenge event. Doll Artists from all over join in to participate for a well deserved cause. This year, the proceeds from the auction will benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

4 Cooking Tips to Cut Cancer Risk

I felt this was so important, that I had to share this with you all:, One sure learned some thing from it, Hopefully you will too: Sherrie
Taking Charge
Daily Tips: Your Food and DrinkPosted by Sheryl Crow
We are very lucky to have a wonderful chef named Pia cooking for us on tour. She met with my nutritionist, Rachel Bellar, to find out some great ways to fortify the body, and at the same time, incorporate cancer preventative measures. My oncologist set me up with Rachel shortly after I was diagnosed. Rachel is at the forefront of nutritional studies in the area of disease prevention and overall wellness. Here are some good tips you guys can incorporate into your daily living:
--Don't drink water from a bottle that has been sitting in your car. Heated plastic will bleed toxic substances that can be carcinogenic.

--Don't heat or freeze in plastic for the same reason. Heat in glass containers.

--Do not cook in olive oil at high heat. This, too, is carcinogenic. It is fine to saute in olive oil but if you are browning or frying, use canola oil.

--Cinnamon and tumeric are spices that are cancer preventatives, particularly for prostate and colon cancer

Friday, October 13, 2006


We stopped off here and pulled into a viewing area.. and Dad and I just spread a towel and had us a great picnic.. using all the snack stuff we brought from home, YES it was REALLY cold, Dad put his leather jacket on.. and I had two long sleeve shirts and my jean jacket..We ended up not doing the touristy thingy horse back riding or geming or gold diging..Actually we just enjoyed all nature had for us..the smells and sounds and the animals, walking through history.Even saw a deer and a big beaver, it is just so unreal to actually just sit and hear rushing water, falling leaves, animals scurrying around, Then there are all the different smells, wonderful smells,
to be continued:

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday in TN

we spent the entire day hanging out with Gwen and looking and looking and looking at houses , property, and homes for week end holiday to retire to later places..looked a log cabin way way up in the Mountains on the NC border line.Even the trail of tears ran through our property , also the back of the property was all national Forrest.... was it ever the neatest.. Again walking in the fall leaves..At several times Dad and I just sat in the leaves looking out across the Mountains and having babbling brooks babbling away at us, birds of all kinds even beavers, scampering around us, Gwen showed us how to go arrow head next trip we will continue to do that ..what fun! our weather is chilly high in the low 50' with the low about 30-32 tonight, Pumpkins and Fall decorations every where..with the chilly weather it just makes them magical. we saw fields of pumpkins,gourds, you name it just one after another..this morning we are leaving for NC this is where they have the white water rafting Dad wants to do, and the Horse trails, and hiking trails..we are also doing some hiking of the trail of tears.So this part of our trip is all play time now..... Dad wants to check out Weavervill NC cause that is where Verizon has job openings where he can transfer to...Sitting having coffee this morning every single person that walked by said Good Morning with the biggest smiles, people are so kind her, you never know a stranger..Oh last night we were so blessed Dad checked into this beautiful hotel and the starting price was 90 plus tax..The gal said why are you in TN ..Dad said we have been house hunting all day..looking at get away places also..the gal said well that just lowered your price down to $56.00 plus tx..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL!! and boy is it nice quiet with a view of the Mountains all around us..getting up to seeing the Mountains and all the colorful leaves is so humbling!!! one is in awe!!!
Love you Guys Mom

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


well here we are in TN after staying in Cedartown GA seeing and hanging out with our high school friends , we have been best friends now over almost 36 yrs since we were 16yrs old..As always time stood still with laugh after laugh and tears when we said good bye..After spending the night here in Dandridge TN,
we are staying in a wonderful hotel where we have our own hot tub next to our king size bed a bath room you can get lost in.our own refrigerator, microwave..ect....and a living room with comfy couch ,several reclining chairs etc.. fire place, french doors that open on to our porch with all the mountains for our view..
Getting up to beautiful fall air smells just wonderful, our view as we opened our curtains,,a view that took our breath away..there they were the Smokey mountains in all their glory, people who ask if there is a God, Have never seen such a breathtaking site as these mountains, It is a spiritual feeling...awesome to say the least...

The temps are low 80's like 80 - 81 to 70's as the highs and 50 - 40's at night, Diff Fall weather, you can see the all leaves and you can smell them along with sweet hay, pines which are blue spruce etc...The leaves are vivid and brilliant, colors of reds , yellows..purples..just beautiful..Rolling hills of pasture lands horses cows you name ...just totally nature at it's best..people are so kind kinda makes ya stand back in shock..

Now we are ready to leave to meet up with our real estate gal and now are going to see homes, and again all day tomorrow..I am looking forward to it, Because right now my heart is in Cedartown Ga, it is beautiful there...

After Wed. we will beginning our second half of this trip by gong hiking, horse back riding, Historical sights as well.. wish our family was here with us and our two dogs,,because this is such a dream come true, a fairy tale..second honey moon so peaceful, full of love and joy..If our family and our dogs were here We'd not come home :)

Love you all Mom

Saturday, October 07, 2006

See you next week end

Just a note to let you know , Hubby and I are leaving in the morning for GA , NC , TENN

So will talk to you when we get back!!! Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, October 05, 2006

isn't this quilt just beautiful!! I need a break from doll making, I like so many others love quilts,I have a quilt on our bed , and sit some times looking at the tiny stitches all done by hand,Well today I did a bit of surfing the web looking for a free simple , I do mean simple 9 patch quilt pattern, I can not tell you how many hundreds of FREE quilting patterns out on the web..The above picture is a free quilt pattern, I will look in my notes and give you the url..Then I started reading..UGH! I do not want to do what ever paper piecing is...I feel a simple 9 patch quilt is plenty for me to start out with, I do not know what fusible stuff is..or how to use..I thought I could just sit down cut out squares and make a small maybe a doll quilt to start out on..OR even what they call a "Block" I think I must have looked way to long at all the quilts and patterns.... ..cause now I am confused and disapointed..Why can't I use scissors instead of a rotator have one a brand new one never used..Because I do not know how to use it...So many questions and no one to ask...I am confused and disapointed.. and frustrated! Will I give up NOPE! Hope some of you quilters out there can give me a helping hand..I so much want to learn quilting..nothing huge just lap quilt, throw, a wall hanging...I'd love nothing more than to be able to make my daughter and daughter in-law a small wrap up in quilt for Christmas! Sherrie who is not giving up!:)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blackbeard the Pirate

Blackbeard the Pirate. . . and the Presumed Wreck of Queen Anne's Revenge
I came across this wonderful web page,I thought about my blog readers and wanted to share this with you, As I read about this Blackbeard who was undoubtedly the most notorious pirate in the history of seafaring,
They say just the sight of Blackbeard was enough to make most of his victims surrender without a fight. If they gave up peacefully, he would usually take their valuables, navigational instruments, weapons, and rum before allowing them to sail away. If they resisted, he would often maroon the crews and burn their ship. Blackbeard worked hard at establishing his devilish image, but there is no archival evidence to indicate that he ever killed anyone who was not trying to kill him. Blackbeard's lawless career lasted only a few years, I really enjoyed reading this accurate portrayal of Blackbeard, Go and enjoy it for your self!!

Have a great day
Hugs Sherrie

Moved Over to their New Blogger beta

Ok Folks I have moved "Symple Tymes Blog" Over to their New Blogger beta,
I hear it has some new horns and whistles and fun stuff to play with, I for one just hope it is faster, stable, and has some really nice templates!!
Let me know how you all like using your blogger beta versions also
Chow for now Sherrie