Thursday, October 05, 2006

isn't this quilt just beautiful!! I need a break from doll making, I like so many others love quilts,I have a quilt on our bed , and sit some times looking at the tiny stitches all done by hand,Well today I did a bit of surfing the web looking for a free simple , I do mean simple 9 patch quilt pattern, I can not tell you how many hundreds of FREE quilting patterns out on the web..The above picture is a free quilt pattern, I will look in my notes and give you the url..Then I started reading..UGH! I do not want to do what ever paper piecing is...I feel a simple 9 patch quilt is plenty for me to start out with, I do not know what fusible stuff is..or how to use..I thought I could just sit down cut out squares and make a small maybe a doll quilt to start out on..OR even what they call a "Block" I think I must have looked way to long at all the quilts and patterns.... ..cause now I am confused and disapointed..Why can't I use scissors instead of a rotator have one a brand new one never used..Because I do not know how to use it...So many questions and no one to ask...I am confused and disapointed.. and frustrated! Will I give up NOPE! Hope some of you quilters out there can give me a helping hand..I so much want to learn quilting..nothing huge just lap quilt, throw, a wall hanging...I'd love nothing more than to be able to make my daughter and daughter in-law a small wrap up in quilt for Christmas! Sherrie who is not giving up!:)


Esteemarlu said...

I started quilting 27 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I learned on my own from books and I bought a couple of patterns in the begining. Quilting is very good for me it makes me forget about whatever is bothering me.It's theraputic.I have made lot's of quilts but not as many as I should have by now. I have a huge collection of fabric but am on a fabric diet now.I don't do paper piecing either,it's not for me.I do applique using freezer paper and I find it makes great applique.Believe me if you can make dolls you can make quilts.My first quilt was made from 7 inch squares.I believe it's the fabric that makes the quilt no matter what pattern you use. Don't give up.

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