Tuesday, October 10, 2006


well here we are in TN after staying in Cedartown GA seeing and hanging out with our high school friends , we have been best friends now over almost 36 yrs since we were 16yrs old..As always time stood still with laugh after laugh and tears when we said good bye..After spending the night here in Dandridge TN,
we are staying in a wonderful hotel where we have our own hot tub next to our king size bed a bath room you can get lost in.our own refrigerator, microwave..ect....and a living room with comfy couch ,several reclining chairs etc.. fire place, french doors that open on to our porch with all the mountains for our view..
Getting up to beautiful fall air smells just wonderful, our view as we opened our curtains,,a view that took our breath away..there they were the Smokey mountains in all their glory, people who ask if there is a God, Have never seen such a breathtaking site as these mountains, It is a spiritual feeling...awesome to say the least...

The temps are low 80's like 80 - 81 to 70's as the highs and 50 - 40's at night, Diff Fall weather, you can see the all leaves and you can smell them along with sweet hay, pines which are blue spruce etc...The leaves are vivid and brilliant, colors of reds , yellows..purples..just beautiful..Rolling hills of pasture lands horses cows you name ...just totally nature at it's best..people are so kind kinda makes ya stand back in shock..

Now we are ready to leave to meet up with our real estate gal and now are going to see homes, and again all day tomorrow..I am looking forward to it, Because right now my heart is in Cedartown Ga, it is beautiful there...

After Wed. we will beginning our second half of this trip by gong hiking, horse back riding, Historical sights as well.. wish our family was here with us and our two dogs,,because this is such a dream come true, a fairy tale..second honey moon so peaceful, full of love and joy..If our family and our dogs were here We'd not come home :)

Love you all Mom