Tuesday, October 17, 2006

tastes changing/what primitive is??

I to see my tastes changing, all the sudden I want color color!,I want animals, toys, as created from 1900's through 1950's my child hood..
Also I have been playing, YEPPERS PLAYING! talk about getting a new creative re-charge!!

just cut loose and play...sounds crazy ...but it is so relaxing..opens your heart! and re-charges you !! !

I have been Using lots of colors ,mix media, enter twining vintage with bright colors in a Quilting block,my first ever,,
Sampler..making one for my daughter for Christmas, using colors and yesteryear stitches and embroidery of old script hand writing, just playing..., clay faces with cloth doll bodies, whimsey..,

I call my playing "Expression's"
Like many I'd give any thing to be able to re-create real antique dolls,
but I have to use talent I have and study and make it grow before I ever can.

In the mean time I will not allow it to pull me down...
Just keep loving my sweeties I make...and keep creating.....

Who can really say what primitive is?? my definition of primitive is grundgy ,nails for hair, miss shaped in body ect..I feel "Primitive Grundgy, is a new look for today..created by artists of today,Primitive is not from yesteryear, That is vintage..true vintage... There seems to be a huge following for Primitive Grundgy type of art.

In 2002 I was so fortunate to have met Kay Cloud, Her dolls (To me) are how I would say and see our pioneer Mother's creating for their little ones dolls,Her book is "Creating Early American Dolls By: Kay Cloud" She uses alot of saw dust to stuff with,,also wool, rag,but she also uses colors,embroidery for faces, she also uses acrylics, oils,Bodies are portioned correctly.

I held her dolls and she has captured yesteryear look and feel..hey truly looked old, vintage, but had no holes, nails, just well loved rich with history.

I say all this because many who create dolls and call them primtive by making them dirty grundgy,miss-shaping their heads , bodies ect....

and then refering to this as how our pioneer Mother's created their dolls Primitive.. no this is not true, That isn't primitive.Just my little ole 2 cents worth..Sherrie