Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday in TN

we spent the entire day hanging out with Gwen and looking and looking and looking at houses , property, and homes for week end holiday to retire to later places..looked a log cabin way way up in the Mountains on the NC border line.Even the trail of tears ran through our property , also the back of the property was all national Forrest.... was it ever the neatest.. Again walking in the fall leaves..At several times Dad and I just sat in the leaves looking out across the Mountains and having babbling brooks babbling away at us, birds of all kinds even beavers, scampering around us, Gwen showed us how to go arrow head next trip we will continue to do that ..what fun! our weather is chilly high in the low 50' with the low about 30-32 tonight, Pumpkins and Fall decorations every where..with the chilly weather it just makes them magical. we saw fields of pumpkins,gourds, you name it just one after another..this morning we are leaving for NC this is where they have the white water rafting Dad wants to do, and the Horse trails, and hiking trails..we are also doing some hiking of the trail of tears.So this part of our trip is all play time now..... Dad wants to check out Weavervill NC cause that is where Verizon has job openings where he can transfer to...Sitting having coffee this morning every single person that walked by said Good Morning with the biggest smiles, people are so kind her, you never know a stranger..Oh last night we were so blessed Dad checked into this beautiful hotel and the starting price was 90 plus tax..The gal said why are you in TN ..Dad said we have been house hunting all day..looking at get away places also..the gal said well that just lowered your price down to $56.00 plus tx..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNREAL!! and boy is it nice quiet with a view of the Mountains all around us..getting up to seeing the Mountains and all the colorful leaves is so humbling!!! one is in awe!!!
Love you Guys Mom