Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Annie Beez Folk Art -Elisha -

DOLL CREATED BY: Annie Beez Folk Art

Annie Beeez has been a long time friend, I am always amazed at her talent.

When I saw her Elisha her Folk Angel it stopped me in my tracks, You know there are allot of amzinf Izanna Walker style dolls, Some you could put right beside the "Real" Izanna Walker and not tell the diference. I for one LOVE them all.

But what captured my heart with Annie Beez's Elisha is the originality. Her face looks like it is from a angel.Her dress is impeccable! To learn more about "Elisha Annie has Elisha on her

TDIPT Mercantile for a limited time

also see her on her blog

What a amazing doll and artist!

Hugzs Sherrie

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