Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am so excited! Not just about Christmas but about a *New* Blog I came across
It is called "The NEW CLAY NEWS " I was reading their awesome tutorial
"A is for Armature" I loved reading the tutorial and made notes to refer to, It was well written ( I mean even I under stood it:) with lots of pictures along the way also)
To tell you what "THE NEW CLAY NEWS) is about I copied their description
"he NEW CLAY NEWS is about the new no-bake, air-dry clays that are rapidly gaining in popularity. Commercial clays such as Creative Paperclay & LaDoll and homemade clays such as cold porcelain. We'll feature tutorials, product information and artists using the new clays. Mostly we'll talk about sculpting and creating art dolls with air-dry clay but my mind will often wander to other creativeareas! "Mary:-)
Stop by you will sure will learn some thing new
Merry Christmas
Hugzs Sherrie


Unusual Girl Studios said...

Merry Christmas, Sherrie! Will check out the blog you wrote about.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Chris, a Merry Christmas right back cha! I LOVE your blog!
Your Art Prize Entry is awsome , I am in love!

Fran said...

Love your blog. I haven't been to your blog and others in awhile. I have to get a cup of coffee and sit down and go through your blog. Maybe in the morning or late tonight I will have some time to really check it out. Sure have missed reading all the blogs. Moving really did me in for awhile. Still have things to do but nothing like I did from Dec. Gosh! it's been almost a year already. I post to my blog here and there. I posted Christmas pics and some of the house today. Will check back later.

Mary in Oregon said...

Hi and thank you for all the nice comments about my NewClayNews blog. I stumbled on your blog today and was quite pleasantly surprised! In addition to clay, I also enjoy cloth doll making, so I will probably be touring your site for the next hour or so! Best wishes! Mary in Oregon