Monday, March 21, 2011

Just having a Blast!

I know I should be dressing and hand painting all these doll bodies I have waiting. But I have been having personal fun and incredible creative ideas for aprons, I can't seem to stop nor do I even want to. I wake up excited and look at my apron patterns, I now feel a bit more confidant and want to sew the harder ones. Oh Gosh@, I want to make a Doll Maker's Apron totally all original , and totally all original one of a kind aprons, I don't know what's happing to me right now, all I know I feel such a sense of freedom and excitement and flowing creative juices whoOhOoo !!! Think I just won't try to under stand it , but just enjoy this ride:) and watch my self grow!! Click to enlarge picture if you want.
I hand sewed the vintage ruffle on the pockets


Meisolle said...

Oh, so sweet it is Sherrie, I love it :) I have almost a similar apron in green and orange and I paid a fortune for that :))

Edwina Sutherland said...

You have to follow the muse and you did it with good results!