Monday, March 14, 2011

Re-D0 Craft Show feeling the pressure

OoOo Feeling the pressure for my up coming Craft Show! Going from making dolls to Aprons for a bit of a break:) These are simple basic Chef Aprons, My first of making single sided,
I really prefer reversible aprons my self, I will diffently make a couple, Thing is it is hard to get your money back on reversible, I have $10.00 on each side of the apron so theres already $20.00 into the apron just in fabric.
added a touch of bling!

Just Fun Apron!!
Single Apron #2
added bling
Nice Springy colors!


Firecracker Kid said...

Oh, take a deep breath. I'm sure everything will come out alright:)
The aprons are adorable.

carla ( said...

Hi Sherrie!!!!
Miss seeing you at CDA!!! I love the before and the after pics of you aprons!!!! Very cute!!! Will be checking back to see your dollies!!! hugs

Meisolle said...

lovely too :)