Sunday, November 07, 2010

Success!!! For Craft Show!!

WelLPppp here we are setting up for the show! I was proud to see I did fill up a six foot table TaDa!! The day was bitter cold,Yep here in Florida , Highs were in the low 50's but we had a hard NE winds!! I didn't listen to my sweet hubby about wearing a hat and gloves nope not ole tough me.Well my friend Karen and I froze our bums off!!!:) But I am still in schock and a huge smile on my face on how many compliments my dolls got,Just blew me away!.The best of all I sold!!!!!! The Craft Show was a wonderful success for me!! I am so Thankful to God for such a blessing.All the pressure of not having much time to prepare for the show and all the hard work was worth it.I think I will float for a couple more days !!:) and dream of what I want to create now that it is back to normal!


rgcarr said...

I'm thirlled that you did so great Sherrie but not surprised. Your dolls are wonderful. This should really inspire you!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Robin Thank You soooo much,It has inspired me, I am already thinking about next years show.It is way more relaxing creating with a purpose but no pressure,This way I can make what I had in my mind,I'd like to create a couple life size dolls.I just got a email from the coordinator asking all the vendors opinions about this past show , I am thinking having the craft show before Halloween like a week before,The day they choose is a annual date where many places have their craft shows also.I guess you can tell I am still on a high :) Hey we are going to TN for a week Leaving NOV 21 to Chuckey.maybe we can get together!!!!