Saturday, November 06, 2010

Great Stocking Stuffers!!

I was doing a reaearch looking for personal ideas for stocking stuffers and little add on"s I thought these would be awesome stocking stuffers!! Or any day little add ons throught out the year! (((Hugs Sherrie)))

This felt-fashioned tissue holder helps you counter those winter sniffles with style. It's a Good Thing.
Tools and MaterialsTemplate for pouch design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree)ScissorsIronSteam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive (sheet or roll)FeltTapeRoll of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam double-faced iron-on adhesive
Tissue Pouch How-To1. To create an iron-on design for your pouch, print the template of your chosen design (Frenchie dog, African violet flower, rose or sycamore tree). Roughly trim excess paper from around the design.
2. Cut a piece of fusible web to size of trimmed template. Iron fusible web onto a piece of felt, and let cool.
3. Tape template onto paper side of felt/fusible web piece. Cut out shape.
4. To make the tissue pouch, cut a 6-by-7-inch piece of felt or ultrasuede. Iron strips of 1/4-inch-wide Steam-a-Seam adhesive to both 7-inch edges.
5. With adhesive strips facing up, fold one 6-inch side 1 1/2 inches in toward center and press in place. Fold the other 6-inch side 2 inches toward center, overlapping the first side, and press in place.
6. Press iron-on decoration onto front of pouch.
ResourcesFelt available from Magic Cabin. All other tools and materials available at sewing or crafts stores.Get more floral pattern templates.
From The Martha Stewart Show, January 2010


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Holiday Sparkle - Cyndi LaChance said...

Nice idea! What would we do without Martha! LOL