Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings

I just bought this book ,it was recommended by a friend of mine Linda Pinda .....she is on The Hive
I bought it to read on my kindle , After really getting into it I decide to buy a used copie of the book..At only $9.45 thats with shipping
I wanted to share how much this book has opened my eyes to what is inside me, It made me stop and take notice that there is a creative heart inside me, Not just me but all of us.
I sat down and started thinking exactly it is I want to create, Wow was I surprised at came to my mind.First of for me it is Color and Whimsical! Character Expressions ,Life, Shining through my creations faces. This book helps you see through your self in your artistic heat.
Actually I am enjoying this journey and just had to share it with you.I highly recommend this book to every one who wants to grow with their art no matter what medium your in
Hugs Sherrie
Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings
Kelly Rae Roberts
Product Description
Stretch Your Wings * Learn to Soar * Take Flight
In Taking Flight, you'll find overflowing inspiration--complete with a kindred spirit in author and mixed-media artist Kelly Rae Roberts. Join her on a fearless journey into the heart of creativity as you test your wings and learn to find the sacred in the ordinary, honor your memories, speak your truth and wrap yourself in the arms of community.
Along the way you'll be inspired by:
Step-by-step techniques--learn the most-loved mixed-media methods of the author and seven talented contributing artists, and combine them in fresh and unexpected ways.
Thought-provoking prompts and quotes--along with encouraging stories, insights and gentle guidance for finding your bliss, whatever your art or craft.
Plenty of eye candy--pages and pages of the author's endearing artwork, along with the varied works of the contributors.Of course, learning to fly isn't entirely a step-by-step process--sooner or later, you just need to take a deep breath and spread your wings. With Taking Flight as your guide, there's no doubt that when you do, your creativity will soar.

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