Friday, November 05, 2010

Packing up the Boys and Girls for the Craft Show!

Finally my Arts and Crafts Show will start tomorrow, Today I am packing up all the boys and girls!Am I excited? Yes and No..I am more excited the pressure of trying to create enough dolls for at least a nice display is gone whew!, I have a totally of 32 dolls Yippie! I made 2o new dolls.Next time I will make sure I have at least a couple months ahead of time not just a month to get creations created..With working and every day bumps and living life a month for me is just not enough time.I had huge dreams of all kinds of different types of dolls and large dolls and even life size.I look back and think for a moment I lost my mind LOL!!But I am excited and looking forward to tomorrow! and SO looking forward to creating my hearts desires!!!:)
Hugs Sherrie


rgcarr said...

Hope you have a great show!Robin

Mattydolls said...

Beautiful dolls!! Good luck with the show!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Huge Thank You Robin and Matty !!!You guys made my day!:)