Thursday, February 26, 2009

Presbyterian Dolls

Presbyterian Rag Doll with Painted Face
This charming little rag doll with oil painted face dates from the 1930s-early 1940s. She is a one of a kind handmade rag doll who was originally created to raise money for the church in a bazaar or fund raising activity. This charming doll has an oilpainted face with lovely handpainted facial features. There is some wear to the pain finish on her head and a small area above one eyebrow. Oil painted hands, original cloth body in lovely condition. There is even a note hand written on her bottom which read Ranae from Grandma Lynn 1959, perhaps a gift to her granddaughter, from the original owner... Doll is dressed in her original clothes, underclothing and bonnet. She measures 16" tall and is a delight! Perfect for early American decor, she is an enchanting part of the nation's history.
I am creating two Presbyterian Dolls one is 12 inches ,The second is 17 inches.
for the Challenge.

The challenge is about recreating a historic Presbyterian cloth doll using a pattern created by Lucinda Durbin. (Lucinda used her original Presbyterian cloth doll in creating the pattern!!)

I love learning about all the historical info that comes from searching the internet and very importantly.. in doll books.
If you want to learn and grow in doll making , it is important to have historical info- books..I highly suggest and I
99% of the time buy used books,which are like brand new.
I am a doll maker / doll artist, As I continue to make my dolls , I feel I'm beginning to under stand a bit more of the Why's.. How Comes,.They way yesteryear doll makers did things!
Several doll makers influence my work and online groups ,Doll Books
online group called Vintage ClothDoll Makers
Helen Pringle written by: Linda Johnson
I'm so excited and and so thrilled to see a change in my doll making..I mean I can see it with my own eyes finally I will always created Prim , Folk Art , Whimsy..But I am walking into a new wonderland of "reminiscent dolls of Antiques/YesterYear Doll" How EXCITING is this!!."

Year: 1875 - 1900
Auction Note: The dolls in lots 329 to 337 were
individually crafted during the late 19th century, and
they share a folky charm with flat hand-painted faces,
homemade cloth bodies and period clothing. They
resemble the "Presbyterian" dolls made

Oil-painted cloth doll with painted head and chest has soft brown hair and eyes, gusseted one-piece head and torso and attached limbs. Wearing a tucked bodice black wool dress, a bonnet and painted boots. Cloth; Presbyterian-Type, Lady, Gusseted 1-Piece Head, Oil Painted Features & Hair, 31 inch., dolls, cloth
An oil-painted, Presbyterian-type cloth doll with painted head and chest, having soft brown hair and eyes, gusseted one-piece head and torso, and attached limbs.;

According to Linda Edward, on page 28 of her book Cloth Dolls From ancient to Modern - "The First Presbyterian Church of Bucyrus, Ohio, started making rag dolls in 1885 as a fund raiser. These dolls measure about 17 inches (43 cm) and have hand painted faces. Their bodies are made of unbleached muslin which is stuffed with cotton and they are jointed at the hips and shoulders. The mitten shaped hands have fingers indicated by stitching. Their feet are stub shaped. The dolls and their original
clothing, consisting of an ankle length dress and prairie bonnet, are all hand sewn.

In 1956 the church again made these dolls using the original patterns, however, the differences in the finishing and fabrics make them readily discernible from the older version. The hands of these latter dolls do not have the fingers stitched and the oil paint
used for the face and hands is very heavily applied. The fabric used for the clothing is also easily identified as being from the 1950's."

The above picture is a rare doll called "Presbyterian Dolls"
According to Linda Edward:
(Cloth Dolls From Ancient to Modern A Collectors by Linda Edward)
According to Linda Edward: Description:
The First Presbyterian Church of Bucyrus, Ohio, started making rag dolls in 1885 as a fund raiser. These Dolls measure about 17 inches and have hand painted faces. Their bodies are made of unbleched muslin which is stuffed with cotton and they are jointed at the hips and shoulders. The mitten shaped hands have fingers indicated by stitching. Their feet are stub shaped. The dolsl and their original clothing, consisting of an ankle length dress and prarie bonnet, are all hand sewn
By: Sherrie Nordgren
The Bucyrus, Ohio, Presbyterian Church needed funds for a back in the 1880s - or maybe earlier, I can't be positive about the date, - Every one decided to make rag dolls for sale.

These church dolls are very similar to the Moravian dolls in
structure and technique,They came to be know as "Presbyterian Dolls," oh they have such sweet faces, and clothing!They were very popular, and the
Ladies Church Society of the First Presbyterian Church of Bucyrus, Ohio sold a lot of them.
But the church stopped making them for a very long time. But then, in the 1960's, the church needed funds again and they decided to bring back this wonderful rag doll, Today it is highly sought after by collectors, These dolls are part of the church's history. to
read even more indepth about them go to
Year: 1875 - 1900
Auction Note: The dolls in lots 329 to 337 were
individually crafted during the late 19th century, and
they share a folky charm with flat hand-painted faces,
homemade cloth bodies and period clothing. They
resemble the "Presbyterian" dolls made
Oil painted cloth boy doll. Nicely detailed face with ears peeking through his parted hair. One-piece cotton-stuffed gusseted head and torso. Neck supported by wooden rod. Antique black jacket and short pants cut down to fit. Painted feet.

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Partner:Kisses and Hearts Valentine's Day Apron Swap

Oh HUGE HaPpY DaNcE!!! Look what I received from my partner from the
Kisses and Hearts Valentine's Day Apron Swap

Purple any shade is my favorite color!

You can tell each of these goodies were hand picked by her heart.I LOVE them , I even get to be a Princess every time I use my Princess pen,Which was chosen by my partners youngest! How special is that!
Here is my *Awesome Apron* I LOVE IT!
I LOVE the fact she created this apron in colors I can wear every day,I LOVE her chosen colors.I LOVE the design of this apron I have never seen one like this..I am just so happy!

Here is the apron I created for my swap partner from
Valentine's Day Apron Swap
Kisses and Hearts at Aunt PittyPats
It is reversible.

O also made her a PinKeep/Or Ornamnet

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Class in Oldsmar Fl

Hello Every One
WELL I did my doll class..I have to tell you these were the sweetest
ladies! What fun we had,I am going back next Wednesday to stuff and dress,
put faces on our dolls!
Chris who is the coordinator was kind enough to take pictures for me,

My class was teaching about
#1: cloth doll history
Encouraging all to continue the heritage of doll
making. to keep alive our heritage and history, that those from so many years ago have given to us, This is a heart felt tribute to all the Grandmothers, Mothers, Aunts, Sisters

#1a: showing my dolls explaining what techniques I use and the type of doll they were.

#2: Cloth Doll Making Intro
#3: Freezer paper to create and use
#4: Sewing and turning
#5: using hands on--- using our tools we use in creating cloth dolls
99% of those in my doll class had never made a doll.And 100% had never created in Prim , Folk Art,Whimsy..I was in shock How much they truly loved my dolls. I was worried because of the style of my dolls that people wouldn't like them or you know just say they were nice *but*.......

I was thinking like they were expecting porcelain type dolls,
Not some that has been aged.Created from cloth.

BUT WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!They were loving just the opposite!
They want the Americana, They want, the sculptured faces and frayed hems, They want the Dolls from yesteryear!!! They want the Whimsy!!
They were really excited about the whole thing!

Here you can see these gals tracing their patterns on to their freezer paper Even a 4 yr old participated!!
These two sweet hearts have asked me to come and teach at their civic center!!
I have been asked to speak at the Tampa Bay Historical Society
I was asked to display my dolls in Largo, Dunedin, Safety Harbor Library's

ok this is lil ole me we are talking about.This good stuff happens to others never lil ole me..
I am SO thankful and SO excited!!
Through these pictures you can see all those who attended with their sewing machines in tow!
It was wonderful to hear every one on their sewing machines!
Here I was showing my Valerie Doll her shapely legs and the technique I used on them
A gentlemen said that doll looked like me..Well I made her after my daughter and Valerie does look like me..But I was still surprised!
This sweet gal is an artist you should see her painting she has painted..Oh they were wonderful..She shared with me she would like to turn her paintings into dolls..She is very talented and will go far!
Have no idea what I was talking about here.Hmmm I think though it was some thing about cloth dolls:)As you see I had the little girls full attention..What a doll she was AND so polite and just one the girls.
AhA! I know what I was speaking about in this picture The history of cloth dolls!
This sweet heart I called Mama or Mom she was my helper and guess what doll she fell
in love with?? I had taken one of my EFA dolls I had made, Mom, had a smile on her face and twinkle in her eye and said "I know what kind of doll this is, It is a Edith Flack Ackley doll and in my time I made many of these little girls"
I asked Mama how old she was and she brightly said 82! and here she sat making dolls!
Behind Mama you can see my dolls ..Every one picked them up and loved on them what a awesome experience I had ..So much love and so much joy and so much creativity!
I can't wait to do my next class.!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Doll Class Tomorrow

This picture was taken this morning.. (Tuesday)
WELL it is finally here.Tomorrow I give my Raggedy Annie Doll Class here in Oldsmar at the
Civic and Fine Arts.. According to the coordinator there will be 14 WITH sewing machine!Whoa and knocking me knees..are you guys ready for this..The ONLY thing I had done for this class tomorrow ...was my class and pattern ZIP Nda Xero any thing else.FINALLY Monday it started to come together and I have been working none stop!
The class is about a 10inch Annie created in a Prim , Whimsy , and Folk Art
The class is also intro in to the Cloth doll world
Our way of creating Not McCalls or Simplicity
I'm taking many dolls that I have bought from others or were given to me to share all the different styles and techniques...
AnyWays TaDa~ I did get every one together and even finished whoops I still have to make Andy's hat..
I just wanted to let you all know cause I am so darn excited!!!!!!
and a bit nervous..But I know once I open me big mouth talking about cloth dolls there will be no holding me back! I best close and make Andy's hat I still have GOBS to do
Will post pictures tomorrow..Hopefully I can get some to take a couple for me,Hugs Sherrie

While waiting frantically to get it all together I did finish
my two Presbyterian Cloth Doll doll body's all sewn together for VCD Challenge

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Align Center
Talk about creativeness wow you must go see what these Members of Quilters of South Carolina have created one-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Hugs Sherrie

Valerie New 2009

Her she finished tada!~~Valerie is 25 inches tall..
I have named her after our daughter Valerie.I was
amazed after she was finished how much her face looked
like our daughter Valerie. She is a Blondie and has big blue eyes with a face of an Angel.
face ..Yeppers that is our Valerie.
I Used a wonderful pattern by
RK Creations By: Karen Nieforth
School Days Doll E Pattern

I hand drew her face, Then using water color pencils created her beautiful face. I used real blush for her cheeks. I sealed her face with a sealant to last for ever.
Valerie's hair: I used Sheep Wool Roving
hand felting with a dab of glue to her head.
It was my goal in using this pattern to stick to the
directions, I always tend to go off the direction path
and lose my self in to doing my own thing.
I was very proud when I finished with Valerie that I did
99% follow pattern direction.. I did change the legs for
this doll, Because these are my favorite type of legs for all my dolls..

I did age my material for the fabric of the body, head,
legs and arms, But did not age her clothes , which is rare
for me to not to do. But being a strong willed child
Valerie wanted bright and clean so that is what she got.

Back view of Valerie
I boxed her bottom so she sits very nice.
Here she is showing her hand painted legs and her pantaloons have Prim hand stitching, Edging of her dress is lace, matching apron and bows in her hair.
Her collar has prim hand stitching
If: you'd like to see more of Valerie go to my flickr album
Thanks so much for looking
Hugs Sherrie

Monday, February 09, 2009


Beautiful flowers sent to me from My Son Brian and his sweet Fiancée Samantha

Losers -Together We Can Do It-

Sharon Of "Red Geranium Cottage"
has started a challenge one we can do together for the bettering of our selves!
We are to post each Monday.So I thought I had better jump in there and do my post.
I have lost 20 lbs.But need to loose 30 lbs more to reach my personal goal of 134.
Actually I lost the first 20lbs this past fall.Not gained any of it back but haven't really tried to loose the rest of the lard! With this challenge and all the gals who are doing it to I feel I am not alone,It is encouraging to me to see how the others are doing whether it be struggles or loosing!
Tomorrow is my birthday and I must be nuts to start my diet before celebration!
But have told my family no cake!

Here is a great low fat recipe
I tried a new recipe and it was sooo good..Found it on the back of a Campbell's 98% Fat Free Broccoli Cheese
soup can
I kinda tweaked it though....
I browned Two sliced up organic Chicken breasts until done..
Then in microwave cooked fresh Broccoli till done
In a 2 qt baking dish added Fresh Cooked Broccoli on the bottom
Then placed chicken breast on top of Broccoli
in a bowl I took the Fat Free Broccoli Cheese soup with 1/3 milk mixed together
Poured the Broccoli Cheese soup milk mix on top of Chicken
add Italian bread crumbs and dotted with butter (1 Table spoon total)
Baked in a 350 oven for about 25 minutes
it was SO GOOD

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Newest Issue of Primitive Times Magazine is here

The latest issue of Primitive Times Magazine is here.
In this issue we have a nice chat with our featured business Bittersweet Susan. Be inspired with our featured crafter Connie Grigsby of Tinkets & Treasures and Bewitching Hollow. There are tons of recipes in this issue for your to enjoy and don't forget the free pattern from A Lit'l Bit Country and Primitives.
You can get the magazine at

I really enjoy this magazine..Their newest issue is full of great articles..
and good recipes too.
Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Challenge would any of you like to join

A Tisket, A Tasket
little-basket-in-a-frame side bar.jpg

Twelve Months of Baskets!
A Free Mystery Block of the Month from Bunny Hill Designs!
My daughter and I are doing a personal challenge to complete a 12 month project doing some thing we have never done before !!
When I say "Challenge" It is a self Challenge ..not a challenge to each other..It is a discipline challenge a challenge of an accomplishment.kinda thing ..Hmmm Hope this makes sense..
would any of you like to join us??
We both love Bunny Hill Designs A Tisket , A Tasket blocks and have never made any thing like this..So we are in a challenge NO pressure..Just as long as we are finished in 12 months..
We both plan to do this when ever we want , like of an evening watching tv with family, or sitting out side ,or even while sitting for an appointment....vacation...what ever and when ever..We are doing it by hand so it is some thing we can take along with us if need be..
What are we doing ???
We are doing the Bunny Hill Designs A Tisket , A Tasket
We have just started our first block...

Bunny Hill Designs
A Tisket, A Tasket
Twelve Months of Baskets!
A Free Mystery Block of the Month from Bunny Hill Designs

Join us as we work on our newest free pattern! Each month, for twelve months, you'll find a free block right here on our web site. At the end of 12 months we'll give you the directions to assemble your surprise. Be sure and click on the link below for the directions to get started. Sign up for our newsletter on the home page, just under the slide show, to be notified when a new block is available, or check back around the 5th of each month.

Valentines Day-needle case

I thought this would be a cute add on to any gift..It could be made for any holiday!!

Hugs Sherrie

A gift to you for Valentines Day! Make yourself this cute little needle case to hold your applique and embroidery needles.

Bunny Hill Needle Case