Friday, August 31, 2007

The Name Game

I have been Tagged... ThankYou, Jackie Hendricks From: for tagging me for this neat self name game.
What you are supposed to do is share your middle name with the world of bloggers
and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you.
Hope I have that correct Then pick 5 friends to tag..
Alright *uhmmm* clearing throat ready or not here goes.
My middle name is Rose..(my real name is Sharon Rose)
R- Reliable
O-Outdoor person
S-Smile alot
E- Expresse through my art
Sheeeze this was hard..I am not cool with self thingies..
Words tend to fly right by me instead out of my brain :)))
OK NOW TaDa~~~
Picking 5 awesome Friends
Bettsi McComb From :

I have been Tagged

I have been Tagged... ThankYou to Blondie of for tagging me for this self reflective game. You are supposed to share your middle name with the world of bloggers and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you. I think I have that correct.

Alright *uhmmm* clearing throat ready or not here goes.

Falloween Fae

Falloween Fae Checks Pumpkins in the cornfields, Enjoying the Golds among the browns,

She stops her work to look at all the Leaves of rust and scarlet Trembling slowly down;
Falloween Fae sees the Birds that travel southward

Oh what a Lovely time to play!!

Falloween Fae knows there is Nothing is quite like a pleasant autumn day!

My Falloween Fae is prim folk art is so sweet..with her hand embroidered round head ,

She has hand painted beautiful green eyes

Stripped legs along with a bodice and full skirt with a wasit band that ties in to a bow in the back

Falloween Fae has a pretty petticoat with green check pantaloons

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vintage Photos & Ephemera '

Good Morning@@!! Well I did a all nighter Yeppers..I have been up 24 hours.
.Just couldn't sleep..So I work on my dolls all six of them
and really made progress whOOoHOooo
Also been creating new tags..Man alive they will really get
the ole creating juices flowing!
I also was over visiting the Flickr community..
Now this is probably why I absolutely could not sleep .
.I just got so inspired and just was enjoying my self to much..
But it is so worth giving up some ZzzZzzZzZZZzz have a
blast walking through so many awesome artists new creations
I came across a very generous most giving artist.. Her name is ChrystiArt By Chysti's
She has album after album of fantastic photos Vintage Photos & Ephemera '
and she said
"Free Printables for you to use in your art, to the best
of myknowledge all images are copyright free, and in public domain.
The vintage picture above this post came from Art By Chrysti's
Go by and take a peek.. Be sure to leave a comment for her..
She has done allot of work for us all and She is giving us so much!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ava Grace Angels Unaware Silent Auction


The love and sharing and giving and caring and prayers in the Fiber World are just

amazing!!! There are (at last count) over 70 artists who are creating and giving for the

Ava Grace Silent Auction.. Please don't miss this auction..Come have fun..Look and BID

Its ALL for the little Angel Ava Grace!!!

The silent auction begins Sunday Sept. 16th. Please click

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have fun with Tags!

All are hand made by me , Using my own designs,and all are One Of A Kind

Before any one ever heard of ACT'S ..I was making Tags..Victorian, Folk Art, Whimsy, Prim

Little did I know with even more imagination how huge making Tags / ACT'S would be..

Its just awesome..Any ways I have had a couple gals ask about my tags..

So thought I'd share this set with you..Since summer is coming to end..

I chose this "Summer Set" I made a while back and they are sold..

They are vintage 1920's...

What I did was age my tags and then placed them in the oven on a cookie sheet...

Till dryThen found my vintage image,

and cut it out.. and using modpodgeattached it to my tag

and then I applied fabric paint clear iridescent with a touch of glitter...

Below is a couple of my favorites...

This tag I made for my sister Gayle. She lOVES cats....She is part cat I think..

Cat Tag is created by using water color pencils and is sealed

This Dragon Fly Tag I create a bit differently.. I used the aged tag as my canvas..Not altering the back ground in any way..Just letting the age come through.

Dragon Fly is drawn on by ink..and lightly enhanced with water color pencils.

Faith is stamped on and all is sealed..

Halloween Tag... I so love using really old vintage images for my tags..

Since halloween is coming I thought I would throw this tag in:)

I have been working on some new and really cool Tags..

Hugs Sherrie

Friday, August 17, 2007


How To Create Fabric 'Prim' Sunflowers'

This is a must to see and to create..What fun run over to Primitive Times

Take a look at this wonderful tutorial

Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, August 16, 2007

On a roll and thinking COOL!

Haven't been sitting idle thats for sure..

I made up mind this year for Fall, Halloween, my favorite time of year

I am going to create those special dolls , special patterns, that I have been wanting to make!
So I drew the templates and sewed all 8 of them and now am stuffing them..
Plus a couple ook of my own.

Sitting with Hubby and Family I am just stuffing away!

While I am working , I think of Fall and cooler temptures
So looking forward to our vacation in October to Tennessee
Taking loads of pictures of all the fall leaves in all their awesome colors.
Being able to wear a sweater and warm clothes,
Which here in FL it will be several months
before we can even break out a sweater :(
Isn't it fun thinking about tricker treaters and all the little kids dressed up?
Seeing the stores all decorated... and peoples homes all dressed in
their Fall colors ..never mind its all artificial!

This year I am creating a Falloween Tree..for inside I am excited about it..I am making ornies

and will use the tiny purple lights and load them on to the tree..

Then do the same for Thanksgiving

again making ornies representing the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

I also LOVE Thanksgiving..I think thats one holiday that has kinda placed

on a back burner until the actual day:(

I have been thinking of this since last year!

I love putting Indian Corn out on our front door,

and have a wonderful arrangement of gourds, and small pumpkins too on the dining room table...

.I decorate inside and out oHHh and the fireplace gets covered

in Fall leaves from the first of September until Nov 30..

I think I enjoy Fall even more than Christmas..(Almost)
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ava Grace A silent auction Sept 16 - 22
A silent auction Sept 16 - 22. We welcome all artists in any medium to participate by donating one of your handmades. If you would like to help, please contact
Blondie Spence. If you would like to give a monetary donation, please respond to the same email

All of your images and descriptions MUST be Emailed or sent to Blondie by Sept 8

All proceeds will help defray Ava Grace's medical expenses.

On February 12, 2007, a little Angel was born. Ava Grace was born to Brandy and Dwight Setliff of Ferrum, Virginia. Born prematurely with Pfeiffer Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.

Please visit Ava Grace Blog

Please pass this up date along to all you know....Thank you all so much


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Charlotte Folk Art Vintage style Little Girl Doll

I am doing the HaPpY DaNcE this morning..

I just sold my little girl. http://www.thehumblearts.comFunny though for some reason

I really fell in love with my little Charlotte.
I didn't think she would sell really ,
I am so happy she did, but I am kinda sad to see her leave,

People say well just make another, but that's not true!
just like each child you have they are all unique and one of a kind,

There is NO replacing them..
But on the other hand a person who buys must like/love your creation also or they would'nt buy!!.

Have you all every felt this way about one of your creations??

It's awesome she sold, but on the other hand it is so sad to see her leave,

I just had to share Charlotte with you all before she leaves for her new home..

Folk Art Vintage style Little Girl Doll
Charlotte, 19 inches and She is one of a kind, Charlotte is my own original design, She is a little girl of yesteryear, Dressed in a old fashion Victorian style. Her dress is edged with lace and ribbon. Match bow for her hair. Painted and antiqued muslin, Stuffed firmly Hand needle stitched fingers. I have hand painted her arms and hands, then I have antique them , this gives her a vintage look , She is so soft to touch. Lace at her neck line also on the hem of her sleeves.
Her stocking are striped with hand painted boots, Pantaloons have hand stitched vintage lace. I just love her fat little legs, She has such a nice feel about her, Her dress is very full just like little girls

Charlotte's face is hand painted and antique to give her a vintage look,and sealed to be handed down for generations. Her hair is hand felted Mohair, Charlotte's eyes are a beautiful green

one of a kind tag, I created this tag and hand painted the Victorian women's face and dress and also aged the tag

Friday, August 10, 2007

Ava Grace silent auction

Please click on the banner to visit the Ava Grace blog and get all the details and updates regarding the auction that Humble Arts will be holding for this little sweetheart.

This auction is open to all those who are designers, crafters, quilters, etc., ALL who wish to ,

We welcome all artists in any medium to paticipate by donating one of your handmades. If you would like to help, please send an email to Blondie Spence. If you would like to give a monetary donation, please respond to the same email. All proceeds will help defray Ava Grace's medical expenses.

We hope you will find it in your heart to donate or bid ...Ava was born on February 12, 2007,Brandy and Dwight Setliff of Ferrum, Virginia. Born prematurely with

with a very rare genetic disorder called Pfeiffer Syndrome. She will be undergoing many more surgeries.

All the proceeds will be going directly to Ava Grace's family to help with her ongoing medical expenses. We are all so very blessed as we see our own healthy children, GrandChildren running and playing and truly having a real child hood,
Free from what Our Little Angel is and will have to go through, Many painful surgeries.Won'tyou please find it in your heart to give, donate and/or bid and to share and tell with ALL about our Ava Grace silent auction Sept 16 - 22.

Please use the above banner to pace on your web sites, blogs, newsletters..

We are so blessed at Humble Arts to be able to come together with God-given talents in an opportunity to help out this precious baby and her family.

Nice Matters Award!!!

WOW ! What a surprise!! I am so honored!!I have been tagged by a "Nice Matters Award " Thank You my sweet friend ~Peanut~Alrighty now I must name five to seven people that I believe deserves this award, Which is going to be hard, Because their truly are many loving and caring people in this wonderful world of Art!
So many have shared with me and others... their talents, giving ,supporting each other and encouraging!!

Naming these people is a honor for me to do!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Quilted Teacup & Saucer 3

I just LOVE to surf Flickr and see what all my creative friends are up to.and just loose my self in their fantastic arts. One of my friends patchworkpottery just blows me away..Grab your self your fav cuppa and take a stroll through her flickr sets.Her work is amazing and just perfection, She creates her own patterns too. Hugs Sherrie

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Word From The Humble Arts

Greetings to all!I know, I know, it is only now August! But in the world of creation, seasons really do fly by quickly! To that end, we at The Humble Arts have a theme this month - something new forus to do - the theme is Falloween - and it is not only on our website but also be sure and check out our auctions on ebay. Try this for a start: We are so very excited about a few other things! First, we want you to come and visit our newest members - Jill Howard of Fruit of Her Hands and Jane DesRosier of Gritty Art Studios. I am certain that you will find these gals to be super talented AND affordable.The other item which is near and dear to our hearts is a special little Angel named Ava Grace. Please read about her on our Home page: We will be holding auctions in September. HARTS members past and present will turn out in force with creations to help this precious little one. Please be sure to share this news with others! Once again, our thanks go out to you each month. We are proud to be import free and totally hand made in America. Being a cottage industry pays our bills. Thank you for supporting us! The Humble Arts Team