Thursday, August 16, 2007

On a roll and thinking COOL!

Haven't been sitting idle thats for sure..

I made up mind this year for Fall, Halloween, my favorite time of year

I am going to create those special dolls , special patterns, that I have been wanting to make!
So I drew the templates and sewed all 8 of them and now am stuffing them..
Plus a couple ook of my own.

Sitting with Hubby and Family I am just stuffing away!

While I am working , I think of Fall and cooler temptures
So looking forward to our vacation in October to Tennessee
Taking loads of pictures of all the fall leaves in all their awesome colors.
Being able to wear a sweater and warm clothes,
Which here in FL it will be several months
before we can even break out a sweater :(
Isn't it fun thinking about tricker treaters and all the little kids dressed up?
Seeing the stores all decorated... and peoples homes all dressed in
their Fall colors ..never mind its all artificial!

This year I am creating a Falloween Tree..for inside I am excited about it..I am making ornies

and will use the tiny purple lights and load them on to the tree..

Then do the same for Thanksgiving

again making ornies representing the true meaning of Thanksgiving!

I also LOVE Thanksgiving..I think thats one holiday that has kinda placed

on a back burner until the actual day:(

I have been thinking of this since last year!

I love putting Indian Corn out on our front door,

and have a wonderful arrangement of gourds, and small pumpkins too on the dining room table...

.I decorate inside and out oHHh and the fireplace gets covered

in Fall leaves from the first of September until Nov 30..

I think I enjoy Fall even more than Christmas..(Almost)
Hugs Sherrie


Doreen said...

hello Sherrie. How are you. Love your pile of doll heads and are those heads made of ..??? cloth or clay..I can't tell...they look great!!!! I just started learning the clay over cloth method and the just clay method of doll making...i am loving it.!!


sex said...