Friday, August 31, 2007

The Name Game

I have been Tagged... ThankYou, Jackie Hendricks From: for tagging me for this neat self name game.
What you are supposed to do is share your middle name with the world of bloggers
and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you.
Hope I have that correct Then pick 5 friends to tag..
Alright *uhmmm* clearing throat ready or not here goes.
My middle name is Rose..(my real name is Sharon Rose)
R- Reliable
O-Outdoor person
S-Smile alot
E- Expresse through my art
Sheeeze this was hard..I am not cool with self thingies..
Words tend to fly right by me instead out of my brain :)))
OK NOW TaDa~~~
Picking 5 awesome Friends
Bettsi McComb From :