Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vintage Photos & Ephemera '

Good Morning@@!! Well I did a all nighter Yeppers..I have been up 24 hours.
.Just couldn't sleep..So I work on my dolls all six of them
and really made progress whOOoHOooo
Also been creating new tags..Man alive they will really get
the ole creating juices flowing!
I also was over visiting the Flickr community..
Now this is probably why I absolutely could not sleep .
.I just got so inspired and just was enjoying my self to much..
But it is so worth giving up some ZzzZzzZzZZZzz have a
blast walking through so many awesome artists new creations
I came across a very generous most giving artist.. Her name is ChrystiArt By Chysti's
She has album after album of fantastic photos Vintage Photos & Ephemera '
and she said
"Free Printables for you to use in your art, to the best
of myknowledge all images are copyright free, and in public domain.
The vintage picture above this post came from Art By Chrysti's
Go by and take a peek.. Be sure to leave a comment for her..
She has done allot of work for us all and She is giving us so much!!!