Sunday, December 31, 2006

go out and throw a leg over one

Let me share these thoughts with you and go and listen to the video....
Those who dont ride could never understand the concept of roll me away while feeling the freedom of just hitting the road and forgetting about life while also enjoying life. Just simply awesome!!!
If that doesn't make you want to go out and throw a leg over one, I don't know what will..
We may not have been on that road, but we are looking.
We may not have stopped at that roadside view, but we have seen one like it.
We may not have those same people as friends, but we do have something in common with them.
The thrill of the smooth open road, the smell of the pines on your bare skin, the feeling of twisting the throttle as you exit the curve and enter the next one, and most of all, a smile being on your face after a day in the saddle. Passing other's on the open road and doing what only Bikers can do is give a wave/ thumbs up as we pass eacher other on the road,

Do we know that other person on that passing motorcycle ? Nope but all are Brothers and Sisters in the circle of love all loving "roll me away" to another place in the sun.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk

Abbybugg: Created by:Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk

12 inches on baseLa Doll and cloth

While searching and doing more re-search on a up coming project I have due in February.
I came across one of my favorite Artist's, Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk,
What an inspiring young artist she is, When drooling oop's I mean looking and enjoying her creations you will find time just fly's by..
Her art is so Whimsical and literally takes one back in time to their own child hood, Your emerged in to your own child hood adventures once again.
Very similar to the Movie Peter Panwhere Robin William's which plays Peter Pan rediscovers his child hood ways And the care free life style,
This is what Jill's art does to one, and to many others,
Jill just doesn't stay with in a comfort zone, She jumps out with such a readiness and creativity!! with her creative juices flowing !
She uses many different techniques and many mediums to work with,
What ever style you enjoy you will find it in Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk art work,
Go on a journey and take a look at Jill's dolls and all her creativity,
Yep and grab a cloth cause you to will drool:)Hugs Sherrie
Etsy store - Barrel of Monkeys - for bottle cap necklaces, art doll pins, earrings and more!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

National Body Challenge Sign-Up Starts Friday!

National Body Challenge Sign-Up Starts Friday!Check out our Winners Circle of before-and-after pictures. These success stories from past National Body Challengers really illustrate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Discovery Health's National Body Challenge is a FREE, eight-week, comprehensive fitness and weight-loss challenge that provides the tools and inspiration to get in shape, shed extra pounds and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Join the Challenge beginning Dec. 29, 2006 and get your customized meal plan, expert fitness and weight loss information, and a free health club pass. Find out more today!
See you there!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Watercolor Wings Tutorial By: Connie McBride Johnson

This adorable Fairy was created by: By: Connie McBride Johnson
(See her beautiful Watercolor Wings )
Watercolor Wings Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions on making a set of bendable watercolor wings
By: Connie McBride Johnson

Sherrie:Why I enjoyed Connie's Watercolor Wings Tutorial
This tutorial taught me several new techniques
How to use properly: in using in a NEW way!
Color pencils
Hot Glue also tacky glue
and also using Interfacing

Sherrie: It doesn't matter whether your medium is Prim , Folk Art , Artsy , Vintage ,
Whimsical , Mixed Medium , One can properly use this wonderful
bendable watercolor wings tutorial in all mediums, also for soooooo many new projects, Right after the Holiday, I am going to create a pair of Vintage looking bendable watercolor wings,
I hope I do justice to Connie's tutorial..
Stop by and enjoy her free lesson, Be sure to leave a comment of "Thank You" to her, It is always nice to know people
have enjoyed something you have freely given..Share your wings with Connie too!!!

Connie McBride Johnson Blog

Let me tell you a bit about my friend By: Connie McBride Johnson
I have had the privilege of knowing Connie for several years,
She is the most loving, sharing, sincere person in the doll,and other creative arts in the world.
She was so patient with me, teaching and helping me learn to create "Pin Dolls"
If it wasn't for her help and encouragement I'd still be afraid of these tiny pin dolls,
Because of her I now love love and enjoy enjoy creating them,
Connie also has her own group on yahoo called

Pin Doll Alley

Pin Doll Alley is for those who love to design, create and share their love of pin dolls with others. We are a private group, but will consider new members if they are referred to us by current members
Tell them Sherrie of SympleTymes sent ya!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ask the Crafter

Hey Gal's N Dolls check out this new Blog Site, It is gonna be HUGE!
Do you have questions and you can't seem to find answers...that would be sewing, dollmaking and craft type questions..


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas!
May the New Year be full of God's Joy , Peace , Love to you and all your family
Will talk to you again after the holidays
Love Sherrie

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Present "Quilt"

My first quilt tada~~ Not perfect, but a whole lot of love when into this quilt. Just a nice cuddle up size, 54 X 66 I made it for my daughter for this Christmas present I will put up a picture of as soon as blogger let's me. sheeeeeeeeeeeeezze!
This year along with bought gifts, I have hand made small gifts also, needle punch embroidery ,
Since my family all ride motorcycles I am making skull caps , which I am making one of a kind
using several different techniques , needle punch embroidery , hand embroidery, hand appliqué's I am making the skull caps from worn jeans , also cottons, nice cool colors for us gal's,
Khaki , and so on, I figure each person will get two, I'd love to create 3 or 4 for each person if time is the embellishing that is SO time consuming, but will defiantly give each one two skull caps...
One cap ( which every one will get one of these ) will have their bikes emblem on it some have Harley's, some have Vulcan's, some have BMW , some have Kawasaki...

One will have the American Eagle and American Flag, One will have the Florida Flag , One will have the Fairy like Tinkerbelle ect.. I have been so blessed to have found a skull pattern , which can be created in several ways, plus I will also add a sweat band to each cap, cause trust me when I say in the Florida heat and ya where a helmet or no helmet your head will still sweat like whoa! as soon as blogger get their picture up load fixed I will post pictures..

SO what are YOU creating for Christmas ??????