Saturday, December 30, 2006

Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk

Abbybugg: Created by:Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk

12 inches on baseLa Doll and cloth

While searching and doing more re-search on a up coming project I have due in February.
I came across one of my favorite Artist's, Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk,
What an inspiring young artist she is, When drooling oop's I mean looking and enjoying her creations you will find time just fly's by..
Her art is so Whimsical and literally takes one back in time to their own child hood, Your emerged in to your own child hood adventures once again.
Very similar to the Movie Peter Panwhere Robin William's which plays Peter Pan rediscovers his child hood ways And the care free life style,
This is what Jill's art does to one, and to many others,
Jill just doesn't stay with in a comfort zone, She jumps out with such a readiness and creativity!! with her creative juices flowing !
She uses many different techniques and many mediums to work with,
What ever style you enjoy you will find it in Jill N. Hamilton-Krawczyk art work,
Go on a journey and take a look at Jill's dolls and all her creativity,
Yep and grab a cloth cause you to will drool:)Hugs Sherrie
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JNHK said...

Wow! Thanks for the wonderful compliments. I was just googling my name for fun and came across your blog. Thanks!