Sunday, December 31, 2006

go out and throw a leg over one

Let me share these thoughts with you and go and listen to the video....
Those who dont ride could never understand the concept of roll me away while feeling the freedom of just hitting the road and forgetting about life while also enjoying life. Just simply awesome!!!
If that doesn't make you want to go out and throw a leg over one, I don't know what will..
We may not have been on that road, but we are looking.
We may not have stopped at that roadside view, but we have seen one like it.
We may not have those same people as friends, but we do have something in common with them.
The thrill of the smooth open road, the smell of the pines on your bare skin, the feeling of twisting the throttle as you exit the curve and enter the next one, and most of all, a smile being on your face after a day in the saddle. Passing other's on the open road and doing what only Bikers can do is give a wave/ thumbs up as we pass eacher other on the road,

Do we know that other person on that passing motorcycle ? Nope but all are Brothers and Sisters in the circle of love all loving "roll me away" to another place in the sun.

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