Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Present "Quilt"

My first quilt tada~~ Not perfect, but a whole lot of love when into this quilt. Just a nice cuddle up size, 54 X 66 I made it for my daughter for this Christmas present I will put up a picture of as soon as blogger let's me. sheeeeeeeeeeeeezze!
This year along with bought gifts, I have hand made small gifts also, needle punch embroidery ,
Since my family all ride motorcycles I am making skull caps , which I am making one of a kind
using several different techniques , needle punch embroidery , hand embroidery, hand appliqué's I am making the skull caps from worn jeans , also cottons, nice cool colors for us gal's,
Khaki , and so on, I figure each person will get two, I'd love to create 3 or 4 for each person if time is the embellishing that is SO time consuming, but will defiantly give each one two skull caps...
One cap ( which every one will get one of these ) will have their bikes emblem on it some have Harley's, some have Vulcan's, some have BMW , some have Kawasaki...

One will have the American Eagle and American Flag, One will have the Florida Flag , One will have the Fairy like Tinkerbelle ect.. I have been so blessed to have found a skull pattern , which can be created in several ways, plus I will also add a sweat band to each cap, cause trust me when I say in the Florida heat and ya where a helmet or no helmet your head will still sweat like whoa! as soon as blogger get their picture up load fixed I will post pictures..

SO what are YOU creating for Christmas ??????

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