Friday, December 22, 2006

Watercolor Wings Tutorial By: Connie McBride Johnson

This adorable Fairy was created by: By: Connie McBride Johnson
(See her beautiful Watercolor Wings )
Watercolor Wings Tutorial
Step-by-step instructions on making a set of bendable watercolor wings
By: Connie McBride Johnson

Sherrie:Why I enjoyed Connie's Watercolor Wings Tutorial
This tutorial taught me several new techniques
How to use properly: in using in a NEW way!
Color pencils
Hot Glue also tacky glue
and also using Interfacing

Sherrie: It doesn't matter whether your medium is Prim , Folk Art , Artsy , Vintage ,
Whimsical , Mixed Medium , One can properly use this wonderful
bendable watercolor wings tutorial in all mediums, also for soooooo many new projects, Right after the Holiday, I am going to create a pair of Vintage looking bendable watercolor wings,
I hope I do justice to Connie's tutorial..
Stop by and enjoy her free lesson, Be sure to leave a comment of "Thank You" to her, It is always nice to know people
have enjoyed something you have freely given..Share your wings with Connie too!!!

Connie McBride Johnson Blog

Let me tell you a bit about my friend By: Connie McBride Johnson
I have had the privilege of knowing Connie for several years,
She is the most loving, sharing, sincere person in the doll,and other creative arts in the world.
She was so patient with me, teaching and helping me learn to create "Pin Dolls"
If it wasn't for her help and encouragement I'd still be afraid of these tiny pin dolls,
Because of her I now love love and enjoy enjoy creating them,
Connie also has her own group on yahoo called

Pin Doll Alley

Pin Doll Alley is for those who love to design, create and share their love of pin dolls with others. We are a private group, but will consider new members if they are referred to us by current members
Tell them Sherrie of SympleTymes sent ya!!

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