Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Beautiful Poinsettia

 I am doing the Hppy Dance, I finished the CDA House Challenge project, But can't post yet any finished pictures, I can on Jan 15th:
So here it is Jan:12-2017 and here in Florida it is 78.
As much as we have enjoyed this Poinsettia it is the perfect day to plant it, Now let's see if we don't get a freeze :)

Our 4 legged Fur Kids are ready and so willing to help !
Umm not so much !


Sherri Farley said...

Beautiful poinsettia! Cute doggies too, I hope they don't dig it up! Look forward to photos.

Jan Conwell said...

When we lived in San Antonio, I could keep a poinsettia out on the porch almost all year. I even put one in the flower bed and it lived a couple years. Now we have a real winter, so I just have to enjoy them occasionally. Yours is lovely--as are the pooches.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

aww Thanks Sherri and Jan. So far the poinsettia seem happy where I planted it, No droopy leaves, It still looks as fresh and bright as it did in the pot,So fingers crossed.Last year we planted our Christmas poinsettia and I was jumping for joy, Then our raining season hit and the poinsettia actual drowned ,I heart broken ,it had grow to my waist and was so full, Not good drainage I guess so we lost it,

Have planted this one in a different place that I know drains well during rain season. Be nice to see how it goes! Thank You about our pooches, their really some thing, not so much to look at but my goodness their personalities are just amazing, they make us laugh literally every single day. And have my husband wrapped big time ! They are sisters, We rescued them as puppy's.