Saturday, January 14, 2017

Cloth Doll Artistry Studio House Challenge

 This is how I used the house template from the  CDA House challenge,
The house template was just a very simple 5 inch house, We were to create with it what ever we wanted.

I chose to make a Spring Time Mat with my House.
It is like a Mug Rug but I wanted it larger, I keep by my sewing machine or sewing area and even  while doing hand sewing while sitting with my Husband watching TV and  doing hand sewing, 

It keeps all my extra needles handy where I can use  them, Also can use it with my straight pins, Makes me smile when looking at it. I kept it simple, It is Quilted, Appliqued, Warm and Natural is the batting. I also stitched around each piece,But it doesn't show in picture,It must be because I used matching thread for each piece. When I am ready to use it, I just roll it up and take it with me, It is always set up with extra needles ,some threaded needles and extra pins. Come in handy!

I re stitched my Spring Time Mat with my House
Before I stitched in matching colors.Did not show up very well. I also made another
  Spring Time Mat 
These also great for your 4 legged fur babies under their food and water dish!

Funny thing about doing a challenge, First thing you think of  Oh man why did I join that ?
I must have been crazy, I have other projects that need to be finish and if your doing a on line class like me You say to your self as bang your head "WHY"

Then you think of the COMMITMENT you made by signing up!

So you start your challenge that no body twisted your arm to sign up for, But really YOU are the privileged one , Think of all the work the Group/Challenge hostess put into creating the challenge for you to enjoy!

Aw! Now you started to think creative thoughts, Looking at fabric as your creative ideas  in your head begins to come alive ,

AS you see in my previous posts I am working on two dolls that are different way different form each other ,also doing my first time Quilt class. "YET"

Then it Happens, Yep you join up for their second challenge!! "WHY "you ask? !

These challenges are stimulating, Making you get out of your box, Making you become more creative, and most of all the nice feeling of:
 "I did it",
" I started and finished on time. ",
"A sense of acomplishment, No matter how small"
"The fun of seeing what others created and sharing with each other " 
"Making new friends along the way" That is priceless !
I really do encourage you to take on small challenges that are out of your comfort zone
 Trust me you will glad you did !



Sharon Mitchell said...

I love what you made Sherrie! What a good idea! I also love what you wrote! So inspiring. Thank you for participating in the Challenge! Fantastic effort!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Oh your so sweet Sharon, Thank You for your kind words, I know it is very simple Sewing mat, The machine embroidery did not show up in the picture.I really did enjoy the challenge, Looking for war to the next challenge. Thank You again Sharon !

Linda Kay said...

Loved your rendition of the mini challenge.

Clothmatters said...

Perfect Sherrie! I love your quilted little house, especially the flowers!

Catherine C Capasso said...

I found myself asking the same question,"why did I sign up for this"? Because these mini challenges give me focus, a sense of accomplishment and the opportunity to share with an amazing group of artists.

Mary Ann said...

Love what you did with this challenge. Great post :)

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Linda , Connie, Catherine,Mary Ann, For your kindness, I enjoyed and Loved looking at you all renditions of this challenge, It always amazes me the creativity, different ideas we all have ,That is what makes it fun and You are so right Catherine when we ask "Why did I sign up for this " I really think we all do think that, But look at how good it is for us to really follow through and do it ,no matter what else you have going on !! Thank You all once again I appreciate you taking the time and stopping by!!

Linda Harcrow said...

Blue and white, one of my favorite color combinations. Your house with the clouds flowers, bunny and blue sky remind my of a bright spring day. You need to be sure to display it at Easter time.

Shashi Nayagam said...

Great idea to make a mat. I love the colours you used

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Linda and Shashi for your kind words. I am sorry the picture did not show any of my stitching, why I have no idea, Maybe because I used matching thread on each piece as a applique also I did a little quilting on it, That did not show either, again I think it was because I used matching thread.Next time I will know better.
I use as a sewing mat, Carry it with me when I am doing hand embroidering or hand sewing ,It holds my extra needles which I have already threaded. and it is a great way to also save extra pins in, I just roll it up away I go. Linda I did make it using a spring theme, Just was ready for some bright colors! Thank You again !