Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall Ya'll !!

Even though the temperatures say 99 here in Florida, The calendar says today is the first day of "Fall" My favorite season ! I am still working on my two Pilgrims
Had to stop , I thought for sure in my stash I had grey fabric, But will have to go to Joann's this week end, yay! The dolls above are the Pilgrims, Little Boy Doll, and a EFA doll.

Also today I am going to finish this sweet Elephant for our new grand daughter, Pattern is by
  He is only 9 inches, But will be adorable!
The Elephants clothes shown are inside out, but they are bright blue and white Polk a dots,I wanted to her in pink, but the baby's Mom doesn't want pink, So I found this adorable blue and white fabric!! 

One more thing , I love sitting on the porch when cool enough, Or sitting with my sweet hubby watching TV or Movie, But LOVE doing hand work, So thought I would give Needle Punch a try. I am brand new to this  so I bought two different brands of needles 
 Since I have no idea what I am doing, I bought these two needles,
I also bought a kit, Because again not knowing what I am doing, I thought a kit was the best way for me to go, Because it has the thread and stamped on cloth pattern.
I think This will be a fun thing to do as sitting with hubby or even in the car as we travel .It is always exciting to try some thing new ! 
Hope all have a great day!!! HAPPY FALL!!!


Jan Conwell said...

Love your dolly projects! A friend of mine gave me a EFA doll that her mother had made--for some reason they really charm me. I have tried my hand at needle-punch--I think you'll love it! Since I have too dang many things going on, I haven't made anything since my first project, but I'm thinking of using it on some foot-stool covers. Good luck with your little owls. :~)

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

I hear ya my friend, I too have way to many projects going on, Yesterday, I organized my projects to be finished period , placed them in a box next to my sewing table, Then cleaned off my sewing table, Cleaned up the sewing room and promised my self no more new projects until I have these finished!. Jan I have been admiring your dolls, They are just gorgeous I really love each one, You are SO talented wow!, Jan can you email me your FB page Biz and your etsy shop links please mam'
Thanks bunches