Sunday, July 17, 2016

"Tag Class" on the basics of Tag Making

This is how I age my tags, I am writing this tutorial to share with you all.There are many ways to do a aging process. This is how I do it, Thought I would share  with you all.

#1: I start with a large pan of very strong Tea and  Ground Cinnamon,
of  I am usually aging my cloth in this aging mixture.Then on top of the fabric  I throw in a dozen plain Tags.(I buy large jars Ground Cinnamon at the Dollar store

#2: I allow the Tags to absorb the aging mixture
#3: I then using thongs remove the Tags and place them on to a cookie baking sheet 
#4: Place cookie sheet with your Tags into a preheated oven, I always have my oven on at 350 degrees. Watch carefully 
#5: When Tags are dry remove them and immediately stack them together and place rubber bands around them This keeps them from curling and keeps them nice and straight for your art work:Remember these are miniatures pieces of art when you are finished.!

This Tag as you can see I aged dark
This Tag I aged lighter

 What to Buy For Supplies: ags…I used bigger ones, 5" long and 2 -1/2"wide.
instant Tea/cinnamon or tea for dying
foil or old cookie sheets
Jute or string
(Your choice) Rubber Stamps, or Stickers or Letter Stamps
Black ink pad
Rubber Stamps and you will use
 Letter Stamps a lot
Get them at Wal-Mart Lettering Stamps the whole alphabet for $9.99
Copies of old photos and clip art…I printed mine out of my computer, but you could also make digital copies of actual photos. Stickers give you a huge variety of creation also.
Other stamps, black permanent pen, etc. as desired


Place Tag in front of you 
Now pick the picture.. stamp... sticker ...buttons what ever you choose..
Place that beside your tag..
Now be clever and think what you'd like it to say...Use a word or saying that you feel bests describes Item or Doll, Animal, or Quilt, using a picture and or either stamped it on with the letter stamps, or for longer sayings, or descriptions I write them on with the permanent black pen
Be sure to plan the saying out on your tag before actually stamping or writing!
Small stamped or drawn doodles, stars or hearts can fill in any blank spots
This is an Art Tag Vintage Style

I took the dried, aged Tag. and create a back ground of color. I used chalk with these. Then took a picture I printed out and cut the pictures to fit on the tags and glued them on. I glued with good OLE' Elmer's. and then used gel pens to high light the picture and chose a word or saying and also descriptions I felt described the doll I either stamped it on with the letter stamps
 or hand wrote the description on the back side of the Tag. 
Here is a little girl face I did using chalks and a bit of Acrylic paint and then sealed her
Using chalks
More examples of my Tags

Prim Folk Art Tag

Shown here a Prim Folk Art Tag... which is aged...string attached... No background. Used letter stamps for words: Fast n Simple  Tie some jute, yarn, homespun or ribbon or whatever else you'd like to use for a string. 
The uses for Tags is as high as the sky. I always personalize my dolls, animals what ever I am creating even quilts with their very own hand made one of a kind "Tag"
As you can see there is no limit what you can create simply using "Tags"
I hope you enjoyed this Tag Class, Be sure to share your Tags you created with me, I would Love to see them. Hugzs Sherrie


Cozy Expressions said...

thank you for sharing this !!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Thank You Cindi, I love sharing things, That is what made me fall in Love with the Prim/Folk Art world, Most are so giving and ready to help some one. !I figure even if it helps one person that makes me feel good :)

Sherri Farley said...

I've done a similar process with a finished doll, but never thought of doing tags. Great tutorial. I bet everything smells so good!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

OOOO Sherri, when ever I am aging either cloth or any thing my husband thinks I am baking some thing good to eat. !! I just say sorry it is only for the sewing room :) Ooh I can be so bad !

Jan Conwell said...

Oh, your tags are beautiful! They really are works of art. I especially love the ones with little Victorian children's images on them. Cheers!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Howdy Hey Jan, Thank You for your kind words, They really are a lot of fun to make.!!