Friday, July 22, 2016

I can't Believe I for got How To...

WOW I know I am getting older when I for got how to crackle my dolls.
 Or any thing. I LOVE Crackle.
So I have spent over two hours searching by different ways of crackling.
 I Came across this wonderful blog by:

 She shared how she crackles just using Emer's Glue.

You will need Elmer's white glue, a paint brush, and a

container to pour the glue into.Apply a base coat of paint to your project.

I used black acrylic paint. Allow to dry and apply a 2nd coat, and again allow to

dry.  Once dry spread a good coat of  white glue to the

entire project. Experiment on a scrap piece of wood, before applying

to your project.Allow to dry to a tacky state, and apply an acrylic

topcoat of your choice. I used Orange for a Halloween project I was doing.  

You will begin to see the cracks appear as it dries.

I have never tried using her method, But decided to give it try. I also searched Pinterest 

and found just simplicity.. Well I realize though every one is using their crackling technique on wood, When I will be using it on cloth.
I use to crackle every thing, I Love age , vintage look it gives. and trust me I am so frustrated for not writing how I did it..   If any one crackles differently PLEASE let me know!


Sherri Farley said...

Great tip, I've never crackeled anything and had no idea how it was done. I went to her blog and looked around, she's got some great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

WellPpPP I tried today to crackle folk art nautical - fish, whales bowl fillers ,and did the Elmer's glue method, did not work at all for me, Had to remake the bowl fillers , double painted them, and distressed them and sealed them, They look like Folk Art, They are going to to be given to my daughter in-law who wanted them this way.