Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year!! and my personal titbits,

I hope every one had the best"Merry Christmas" and The best- est New Year of 2015 !!
Here are some of my personal titbits, I hope at least one will help you as they have helped me:
I have been in the mood to create with Color, Color, Color, 
 To day was a happy sewing day..Hubby was helping his sister with her computer..SO I was all by myself whoa!!..So I got out scraps I had and just started  pencil sketching a flower on my note book.. This is the results..Big thing is I just sat down and did it "Happy Dance"
At first I thought hmm.. I will make a  block with this and keep adding other 8 inch blocks..Then knees started shaking.. of "I am not ready for this hit me"  SO this will be a "Mug Rug" A set of Four TaDa!! Now the fun starts with all the hand sewing which I love , or machine stitching around all those leaves !!
Either way for once I am liking !!

Don't get me wrong I have 3 really nice 
Primitive and Vintage type cloth dolls in the works..
Titbit # 1:
Some times I like to step away and also do some thing completely different.. for one day and then work on that new project a couple hours in the evening. Doing this at least for me it keeps creative and alert ,consistence, a bit more knowledgeable to :() 
 Titbit #2:
And I have found out staying organized with each project:
My dolls always come first..Love waking up in the morning doing LOL (Chores) Then head with my coffee to the sewing room!! My cloth dolls  and all their parts waiting just for me *Big Smile* :()  Well it works for me :)
 Titbit #3

with my 3 dolls I am working..I have each of them and every thing I need for each doll in a small tote along with their pattern:and their name on each small tote.

and like today I now have a small tote for my mug rug..

I keep them all under my sewing table, which is 6 feet long, When I am ready I just pull the tote out and work away! When I am finish back into the tote she goes!  I have NO procrastination now ,because every thing is at my finger tips, Also some thing that is very valuable..
Titbit #4:
IF I am not doing hand sewing while watching TV with hubby, I keep next to the couch coloring pencils ( I bought my pencils at the dollar store along with a package of pencil sharpeners)

and Two Sketching Books ( I bought them at Micheal's) 
One  Sketching book is for Drawing, practicing eyes, noses, mouths, style of hair, Different expressions,
Why You ask: Practice,Practice IS the ONLY way you WILL improve your style, If you don't believe me ask my friend Kat Lees!!
Titbit #5
The second Sketching Book is to sketch your own idea's, ya know the ones that wake you up at night and run for your  Sketching Book to draw that doll in your dreams, so you can create her,
 Titbit #6
 also while sitting of a evening  don't be afraid of just letting go and sketch what you see in your mind, just any thing and every thing! That is YOU letting out the creativeness IN YOU trust me it IS there..Maybe  like me baby steps or like me taking YEARS it is a God's Blessing to have creativity and set it free!!

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