Thursday, January 08, 2015

Tutorials Series

Learning Primitive, Folk Art, Whimsical, Vintage
,Tutorials Series
 from SympleTymes Art Cloth, By Sherrie Nordgren
I know when I first started creating I was amazed at
the versatility of these style dolls.

 People were selling their dolls, not creating patterns like they do now.
It has been and a continuing  long journey (20 years always on going learning ) for me to learn and to create with my love and passion for the Primitive World.
What stole my heart and gave me such a love and
passion for these dolls?
 I was on eBay just surfing looking at dolls and I came

upon a Raggedy Doll.
She looked old and so loved, I thought at first she
was a antique, I grew up in a house full of beautiful antiques. My  parents collected and sold antiques, so I
inherited  a love and passion for anything  old. I
emailed the artist who created this Raggedy that had
stolen my heart.

She told me she was not an antique
but what they called a “ Primitive Doll “
Now you must remember this was about 1995, and Primitive was unheard of. OR thought to be ugly, or trash ..Defiantly NOT Art
Well that did it for me, I made my first raggedy.
Honestly I can say after 20  years plus, it is still such a
thrill and a passion to create
and bring to life these wonderful dolls called “Primitive, Folk Art, Repro-Vintage, even whimsical. As I look back I now see myself as a pioneer  of sorts of my time, Mainly because these wonderful doll were looked at in a negative way.
For me they have stood the test of time, a bit off the
wall maybe, but their all one
of  kind in their own way. They are so unique in my
book. You create them with
the Love you have for them, then they come alive
and make you smile. Not for money but for the actual  doll it’s self, I have made many, Many raggedys to give to many as a unknown  just so they felt Love, Prayers that some one out there  cares. Even if they don’t know them, The Doll hugs them back even from Yesteryear!..

They are always ready to give you a hug too!!
I have created a on going Tutorials Series to
“Welcome” you into the Primitive world,
Starting with the basics that I have compiled into a
Tutorial Series.  I hope you will join by leaving a comment, So I know it is worth my time and Love,

Creating heirlooms which  is  very time consuming process, but you will  love to be creating  things to look as if they were made long ago
I  definitely  use special techniques to create  and to  further give the look of an heirloom  vintage looking pieces

My  goal here at Symple Tymes  is to help 
  " Preserve  "the  Artist's of  YesterYear and Today,"
To gain the recognition they deserve for their works of Art.
To save the knowledge and teach this knowledge of  yesteryear to all generations. Let it never be forgotten....


Gail Garrison said...

When I saw your post on FB I thought Sherrie, this is SO you! THEN I see it's YOUR page!! Wow....soooo proud of you! They are absolutely gorgeous! Love you!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

I always for get that what I put up on my blog , shows up on face book, Thank You so much Gail for your kind words! They encourage me!! Love You bunches..