Monday, December 29, 2014


 2015 is going to be a awesome year here at SympleTymes.

 I have been drawing and even gotten out of bed in the middle of the night with idea's running around in my head,
 I just had to write them down! 

Excited you bet I am, Best part I  have already have a great start in creating some wonderful patterns to share with you all, 
I was asked by several who wanted to buy my popular
  To start this wonderful New Year off
 I offer you the class once again.

 Folk Art


I have created this class to “Welcome” you into the Primitive world, starting with the basics that I have compiled into “ANNIE SWEET’S CLASS.”

You will learn valuable  techniques

How to create Primitive, Folk Art, Whimsical

Raggedy type 10 inch dolls.

Tea Aging as a bonus lesson,

How to create and use  Freezer paper templates

Face painting , to name a few things that you will use through out your doll making journey. 

I will share with you basics giving you a solid foundation.
This class has 29 pages to get you started, and then you too will have such a Love, and passion for these wonderful dolls called; 
 Primitive, Folk Art , Whimsical, 

It is my sincere hope you enjoy this class;
You can find the down loadable e-pattern here
 Email with any question any time, 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Antique/intge 1920's Dolly Dingle Cloth Doll 7" Pocket Doll 2/Dresses

 Click on images to enlarge

The face one this  small Dingle Cloth Doll, Is adorable!!
The face is so fresh. Some one Loved her so much to take god care of her.I think I will do  research on the Dolly Dingle Cloth Doll , This little gal sure tug's at my heart!


When I was a kid in Ohio , In 1960's ,We use to use these apple tray as play toys, OR Grandma told us to go pick fresh apple or pears, or Cherry's. Now just look at the price their asking..WOW

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Through This Song , GOD saved a young person from killing them selves All Glory To God !

 I do not care if I offend any one..This sweet young person is alive and saved through the loving power of our Lord Jesus Christ! This could have been your child dead because they gave up, drugs didn't help them , Friends didn't help them, Again I say stop think this could have been one of our children driven to end their own life..Jesus Loves us even if we do not know Him,
Jesus Love Us even if we do not Love Him. Through prayer for this child from their parents, and other people, who believed and love the Lord, Jesus Answered our prayers!!
Jesus Loves us enough to stop a child from ending their own life, They are alive today because they did their part and listened, and excepted the Love from Jesus
I write this because we know this child!
Jesus uses many ways to reach out to all of us, not just a song, but in sooo many other  ways every day. Do our part and
 just reach back to Him..
I am NOT ashamed to say Jesus IS Lord! ...Sherrie

Monday, December 01, 2014

Playing !!

 Click to enlarge picture!
I know I should be wrapping presents or at least baking!! But I am having a blast trying a new" Hair Technique " far from done with it, Have to let it dry really good before continuing!
Also not finished with her face..But all in all I think I am going to love this technique.

I have just felt like practicing , practicing , practicing Chalk Faces!
These two gals  sit with me on my sewing table, One is  a 1950  Betsy Mcall,  The other is my JillAnne which I made several years ago, I have decided to completely redress her, She has been bugging in for a new dress for a while now!..I dunno what it is about this little raggedy, I don't keep my dolls, I sell them,Or give them away..But she just means allot to me..
This was a experiment..In my mind I wanted diffidently Primitive, But with a very soft face..I then placed them on my my blog, and a Gal emailed me and bought all 3 of them!! I guess I will have to try that again!!