Monday, December 01, 2014

Playing !!

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I know I should be wrapping presents or at least baking!! But I am having a blast trying a new" Hair Technique " far from done with it, Have to let it dry really good before continuing!
Also not finished with her face..But all in all I think I am going to love this technique.

I have just felt like practicing , practicing , practicing Chalk Faces!
These two gals  sit with me on my sewing table, One is  a 1950  Betsy Mcall,  The other is my JillAnne which I made several years ago, I have decided to completely redress her, She has been bugging in for a new dress for a while now!..I dunno what it is about this little raggedy, I don't keep my dolls, I sell them,Or give them away..But she just means allot to me..
This was a experiment..In my mind I wanted diffidently Primitive, But with a very soft face..I then placed them on my my blog, and a Gal emailed me and bought all 3 of them!! I guess I will have to try that again!!

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carla said...

Hi!!!! Looking pretty!!!! Love the face!!!! The hair technique is interesting!!!! I will be back to see her finished up!!!!!