Thursday, December 04, 2014

Through This Song , GOD saved a young person from killing them selves All Glory To God !

 I do not care if I offend any one..This sweet young person is alive and saved through the loving power of our Lord Jesus Christ! This could have been your child dead because they gave up, drugs didn't help them , Friends didn't help them, Again I say stop think this could have been one of our children driven to end their own life..Jesus Loves us even if we do not know Him,
Jesus Love Us even if we do not Love Him. Through prayer for this child from their parents, and other people, who believed and love the Lord, Jesus Answered our prayers!!
Jesus Loves us enough to stop a child from ending their own life, They are alive today because they did their part and listened, and excepted the Love from Jesus
I write this because we know this child!
Jesus uses many ways to reach out to all of us, not just a song, but in sooo many other  ways every day. Do our part and
 just reach back to Him..
I am NOT ashamed to say Jesus IS Lord! ...Sherrie

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