Sunday, January 15, 2012

Newest Issue of Prim's

My FAVORITE magazine Prims winter issue is out,
I have had mine for two weeks and just now am getting a chance to snuggle up with it, One of my favorite designers is once again in this issue.
Susan Pilotto of Mouse Droppings
Susan creates Fine Folk Art using mixed-media , Susan specializes in creating one of a kind miniature animals from recycled wool felt fabric
Be sure to pick up your issue and see all the other wonderful artists and their awesome creations! Hugzs Sherrie

Thursday, January 12, 2012

We have our Puppies Home !!!

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Please meet TaDa!!!!

Molly Lynn and her sister Mandy Sue 7 - weeks old. Our Angel who is 13 yrs old is handling the new pups very well, she seems to know their just babys..But when the puppies are running through the house and trust me they are like two tornadoes!! We do put Angel up on the couch..LOL . I will try to add weekly pictures so you can see how fast they are already growing..Molly is diffidently the smaller one but she doesn't know it , because she RULES...Mandy at first was taking it , but slowly she is standing her own against Molly attacks!They are allot of work with two puppies and one older dog, But GOSH it is so much fun.They love to snuggle and love to wrap around your neck and sleep and stretch and yawn.They are bringing us allot of laughs and giggles and so much joy and love!!

For right now I have no alone time to sew or any thing, I do manage to go to work, I would not change a thing , Gene and I have big plans for the week ends with the puppies,which means , We will take Molly and Mandy every where we go...hmmm do you think they will be spoiled??? :) We are so blessed!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


This Saturday we finally get to bring home our two new baby girls!! Molly Lynn and Mandy Sue,Then the fun will begin, I am praying our 13 year old baby girl Angel will love them as much as we do, Angel is very calm and loving, I think she will let them know who is boss and then she will be all Motherly love Molly Lynn
Mandy Sue
I just can't wait to hold them and kiss them and do all the puppy things with them,
Like Angel they will be spoiled! Both girls are different in personalities
Molly is the the spunky one, Like her Dad , and Mandy is a bit more laid back like her Mom
ok be warned you will be seeing allot of puppie pictures as they grow!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Annie Beez Folk Art -Elisha -

DOLL CREATED BY: Annie Beez Folk Art

Annie Beeez has been a long time friend, I am always amazed at her talent.

When I saw her Elisha her Folk Angel it stopped me in my tracks, You know there are allot of amzinf Izanna Walker style dolls, Some you could put right beside the "Real" Izanna Walker and not tell the diference. I for one LOVE them all.

But what captured my heart with Annie Beez's Elisha is the originality. Her face looks like it is from a angel.Her dress is impeccable! To learn more about "Elisha Annie has Elisha on her

TDIPT Mercantile for a limited time
also see her on her blog

What a amazing doll and artist!

Hugzs Sherrie