Monday, November 07, 2011

What I am creating Now

After finishing my Craft Show for 2011, I am creating all fresh and new!!Also creating new E-Patterns and classes... Thought I'd share the Pattern pictures of what I am creating right now, One thing I realized at this past craft show is, PRIM is IN I had customers tell me they actually drove up north to buy their Prim Dolls. I was amazed and thrilled that so many really Love Prim as much as I do right here in Florida! I have always felt other than online selling people wouldn't under stand or even like My Love of Prim,/FolkArt type dolls. I was totally wrong.Even if I didn't sell any thing but just gave them away I found about my self I will always create Prim,/FolkArt type dolls.They are a step back in yesteryear and have such a warmth and love about them

This is a Primitive Angel, Pattern from The Old Porch Swing I love the simpilisty of her, I plan on using artist pencils and hand paint her face.

I am having fun with this pattern from Frowning is all about "Steampunk" I am always trying new techiniques and embellishing to use on my Prim / FolkArt creations

OK what are YOU creating???? Hugzs Sherrie

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Jackie said...

I'm gathering my bits to make my Steampunk doll for the Challenge. Hardest bit will be choosing one idea out of all the ones in my head!! The fish look amazing!