Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall-Halloween-Thanksgiving - Hang Tags!!

This is my totally FAVORITE time of year !! Yeppers even more than Christmas..Because to me

FALL is the door opening into ALL our tempture cool Holidays that is loved by all!!

Kids have gone back to school. Football season is on every man's heart and mind, Which gives us gals more creating time!! Or how about just enjoying a girsl day out tada!

This is the time of year I start creating my "Hang Tags:" To me they are individual pieces of miniature art, Each one is hand created, Each one is completely different, Never do I create two a like, but always a bit differently.This is what makes them unique. and FUN! As you see I enjoy using Vintage postcards, I create for Fall- Halloween - Thanksgiving- and Christmas~

You can create for every holiday and or season , it's all up to you, You don't have to use vintage post cards. This is what makes this *Hang Tag Art* sooo much fun, You can use any thing you want to use, Sky is the limit..

I use vintage in some way shape or form always, Thats just me , Thats how I create.Prim, Folk Art , Vintage.

I was creating *Hang Tag Art* long before paper art was popular, I have always added extra tuck-in's into family and friends presents or just for no reason at all.,You will be amazed at all the *Useful* uses my *Hang Tag Art* is actually used for.. I hope you will try creating your own style of *Hang Tag Art* and just go wild with your imagination!! Hugs to You Sherrie

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