Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day By Day!!!

Alrighty!!! I have been busy sewing right now I am almost finished with "PENELOPE" Pattern by Kat Lees"
I will have pictures of my doll soon, Creating really helps in a healing process, Having surgery then loosing my sweet sister was a huge shock I felt like I just couldn't do any thing or even would want to,Yet I know I must move on one day at a time, For my husband, For our Children and for family and friends that love me.. I am drawing closer to God and allowing him to heal my broken heart,I have found so much to be truley Thankful for, Seeing how blessed beyond words my life is!!!The skys seem so blue and the Birds even more beautiful, Being able to pray for others and their pain and seeing miracles in their lives, Just looking at a stranger and smile is a blessing.Laughing is a huge blessing ,so is being creative, After all God is a creating God!!

So I have been looking for inspiration, Things that bring a small and the good ole warm fuzzies!So I did a search on google "Primitive Cloth Dolls Images"

Cat and the Fiddle Designs by Gini Simpson

I have followed her for years, I have several of Gini Simpson's patterns their just wonderful

I wonder what it is about a *Annie* that always makes you feel just plain awesome smiles and all!!

This is MAY'S FLOWERS..I will order this pattern -Have to see first if I can find her patterns in E-PatternAwww HA!!!! found her E-Patterns there here!

Cat and the Fiddle Designs by Gini Simpson - She didn't have May Flower pattern yet on E-Pattern so I ordered A DOLL'S DOLLY (pic above)

Grace Garton is a new designer to me, Grace really inspires, She is amazing artists

I just love Grace's baby elephant!

"Oh Sew Dollin" This is a new pattern designer to me, I feel in love with her dolls, and LOVE the fact her patterns are E-Patterns!!

The above doll is

Polly Anna PDF e-Pattern for primitive Raggedy Ann Annie Rag Doll, Cloth Doll Pattern

Patterns byMaureen Millsof Sweet Meadows FarmPRIMITIVE WORN & LOVED POSEY DOLL

Like I said "What is it about Annies That just bring out ALL the Love and warm fuzzies!!!"


creativedawn said...

Hi Sherrie,
Annies just KNOW, is all I can say. You are an inspiration ... thanks for reminding me to count my blessings. You are loved...just so you know!

big hugzzzzzz

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

((((Huge Hugzzzz))))) You made my day, My sweet friend!!!!Sherrie