Sunday, January 30, 2011

Side one of apron (click to enlarge)

I had a apron order, This gal wanted a apron for her foot ball parties, This late in the season it was really hard to find any foot ball fabric, After going to three stores this was the only foot fabric I could find, BUT this gal really loved her apron,Yippie that is what counts, I am a happy camper, I also have "Four" more apron orders to make, ( All reversible aprons)

#One Apron for Valentines Day, I found the most awesome fabric it has black back ground with vintage Valentine Post cards on it..Loving it!!!

#Second Apron is for a hair dresser who wants Zebra print,this will be a fun one too.

#Third Apron is This gal wants one with Bright colors with Poke dots

#Fourth Apron is this gal bought her own fabric,What fun and I do mean fun fabric all fun cats lots of color!! I will share pictures as I get them finished who ho o o:)

Side two of apron (click to enlarge)

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Cathy said...

Hi Sherrie,

I have your apron swap all ready, but we seem to be having email issues. Could you please email me your mailing addy. Try me at Thanks!

Cathy ♥