Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Free Art Course with Willowing and Friends

A Free Art Course with Willowing and Friends...Is running this course for free to help those less able to come onto one of my other courses.
Sign ups are open now, Tammy runs a great site, and there are so many wonderful discussions and challenges. Check it out!
Click on the banner to visit the class page.

I heard about this wonderful group from Linda Pinda
@ The Hive http://creatingthehive.com/blog-post/17356/a-free-art-course-with-willowing-and
I just had to pass it along too !!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Wonderful New Group and Blog

Gotta share with you all this wonderful new group and blog

"Artisans Creating"

Warm and Welcoming group, Who love creating!!

"Artisans Creating" Is Created by: Jess ( who is a awesome gal) of Little Dirt Lane Dolls
Stop y say "Hello" you will be glad you did!!
Hugs Sherrie

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Headless Fred Finished!!

Well TaDa~! Here is my Headless Fred all finished.

The biggest compliment was from my hubby who raely says any thing but "Yeah Thats nice"

He really liked Fred! He even took pictures of him!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Headless Fred

This is my interpretation of Headless Fred !!
I created him from a E-Pattern by R&K Creations By Karen Nieforth
Headless Fred is 25" and I really enjoyed making him.Whe I first saw the pattern it made me laugh,I knew I just had to make him!
I will take him out side for much better pictures of him and post them later!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ghoultide Gathering I will be there!!!

I am SO excited Just got my airplane tickets and it is officiall
I will be going to the "Ghoultide Gathering"
PLUS!! I will be staying at my son and daughter-inlaw, so get to see our kids all at the same time PLUS FALL!!! in MI !!Coming from Florida this is a dream come true to see real fall leaves tada!!
here is a list of the Artists - Whoa!!!!!-
See more about Ghoultide Gathering


Friday, September 10, 2010

Knowing now why I do what I do!!

I was finishing up a couple dolls today, Wondering why I was so determinded to make these 3 dolls (still working on the 3rd of the set) and get them finished, Why I asked my self,Their nothing really just 12 inch cloth dolls, all different yet the same.Why am I doing this? Thinking about them during the day, Excited to wake up in the mornings hurry to get what I need done all so I can run to my studio and start working on these simple cloth dolls and finding my self excited and happy!I had a gal contact me from youtube and while I was there I saw this video By Mimi Kirchner
I have followed MiMi for years she is a awesome doll maker and artist, I saw and watched her video a couple times, In side I felt like a sun shine had sprung in my heart, I saw what I am doing through her eyes and found out it is ok! There is nothing wrong in creating any thing even if it is a simple cloth doll! Please watch her video you will be so inspired and refreshed! It's Ok!!!

My New Sewing Room

here it is Kat hope you like what I did with my sewing room.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Goth Annie!! and Her Sister Innocent

Bloomers on and bows in their hair!Yay! They are finished TaDa!

Sisters Yeppers One is the sweet and innocent! The other is on the Goth side!!
Innocent is a 12 inch Annie, Her face is create by panpastles.

A 12 inch Goth Annie!! I created this little gal for Falloween!
She is all about Goth .Being a Annie! I created her face using acrylic's
Click to enlarge if you like:)

Monday, September 06, 2010

New Face Using PanPastel's

Hope every one is having a Great Labor Day!
I have been blessed today by being able to practice using my PanPastel's
Here is a face I just finished using the PanPastel's.It is my first time, I find they are really nice for shading and do blend so nicely,I know other with much more talent than I have at faces could really do just incredible work !

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Giveaway!

In a earlier post I was sharing with you all about these awesome new PanPastels I have been using.Well right now their having a give away!!

To celebrate this weekend’s US Labor Day holiday we are launching our first ever giveaway !
Winners will receive 5 PanPastel colors of their choice, (and there are 80 wonderful colors to choose from…!) along with one of our new PanPastel palette trays to store them in.
5 winners will be selected randomly.
All you have to do is complete the following form by midnight (EST) on Labor Day (Sept 6th).
This giveaway is open to US residents only, aged 18 and over. One entry per person please (duplicates will be removed). No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Randomly selected winners will be announced on this blog.

Besure to run over and sign up!!! ~ Sherrie~

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

EHAG Emporium

one of a kind art from the Eclectic Halloween Artists Group.

Come One Come All and Join Prim Doll Studio Harvest Celebration Collection

Come One Come All and Join

Prim Doll Studio Harvest Celebration Collection

Coming from a great idea from one our members Jan MacKay Lets do a "Harvest Celebration Collection" here in prim Doll studioWhere we can all participate by sharing our Fall / Halloween CreationsTo participate : #1: Share pictures of all your Fall/Halloween Creations by posting them right here ( Discussion "Harvest Celebration Collection"Simple and Easy!"Harvest Celebration Collection" is open to witches,fall leaves,acorns, bats, pumpkins, spooky kids or critters in Halloween costumes.Any Thing and every thing that is to celebrate Fall /Halloween. Dolls yes but not just dolls Creations in any medium.Just letting go and having Fun Fun!#2: "Harvest Celebration Collection" is open From September 2 - October 30th


TDIPT Mercantile and Early Work Mercantile

New issue of TDIPT Mercantile is out!!
Here are a few of my favorites, I wanted to share!
http://tdipt-nothingplain.blogspot.com/Headless Horseman Frankenstein doll

http://tdipt-carolroll.blogspot.com/Original paper mache mixed media Nostalgic Folk Art

http://tdipt-crowsnest.blogspot.com/Feeling Blue mouse-Little Grumpy-Downright Cheerful

http://tdipt-meadowbrook.blogspot.com/.Swampbottom Spells....As the fog settles in for the evening on the murky waters of the swampbottom, out of the cat o'nine tails appears a shadow.It is nearing Halloween and legend has it there is a prim frog witch, along with her pet spider, that makes her appearance during this time
New Issue of Early Work Mercantile is out!!
Here are a few of my favorites, I wanted to share!
http://earlywork-juliebaileyprimitives.blogspot.com/Millie, She is a little Queen Anne inspired Pumpkin dolly.Lizzie, she is an original and a one of a kind Queen Anne Inspired Mourning dollElinor, She stands 20 1/2" tall and is an original and a one of a kind Queen Anne Inspired lady. Joy, She is a Queen Anne inspired lady and the daughter of Hope.
Hannah Mae doll and she is truly primitive. Hannah is 25" tall, rag stuffed