Friday, September 10, 2010

Knowing now why I do what I do!!

I was finishing up a couple dolls today, Wondering why I was so determinded to make these 3 dolls (still working on the 3rd of the set) and get them finished, Why I asked my self,Their nothing really just 12 inch cloth dolls, all different yet the same.Why am I doing this? Thinking about them during the day, Excited to wake up in the mornings hurry to get what I need done all so I can run to my studio and start working on these simple cloth dolls and finding my self excited and happy!I had a gal contact me from youtube and while I was there I saw this video By Mimi Kirchner
I have followed MiMi for years she is a awesome doll maker and artist, I saw and watched her video a couple times, In side I felt like a sun shine had sprung in my heart, I saw what I am doing through her eyes and found out it is ok! There is nothing wrong in creating any thing even if it is a simple cloth doll! Please watch her video you will be so inspired and refreshed! It's Ok!!!

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