Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rosella Susan Fosnot

"Cause I am worth it":) Yeppers bought TWO new patterns today..For years I have been wanting to create ,Learn, and the How To's of these wonderful dolls of YesterYear!
I Qrdered Gail Wilson's ... Izannah 13 in Pattern
AND tada!
I also ordered Susan Fosnot 's Rosella Pattern
(now hiding charge card from hubby:))
Rosella in Susan Fosnot's own words:
New Pattern AND detailed painting instructions!

Rosella is inspired by both old china dolls and the all cloth dolls of Izannah Walker, as well as American Folk Art Portraits.

Pattern for Doll And Clothing
The pattern is based on an old china doll body. This design, called a Steuber type body, features a specially constructed seat to help the doll sit nicely. Leather boots and striped
stockings are sewn as part of the doll. This all-cloth doll also features applied ears and stitched fingers. The dress is a mid-19th century design. It is all cut from rectangles, artfully
gathered and draped. Underwear pattern is included. Finished height of doll is 21 inches.

Painting Instructions
Step-by-step oil painting instructions guide you in creating the portrait style face and long curls. Color illustrations show you each step of the project. Additional instructions are included
for glazing technique, mixing colors, and a discussion of brushes.

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Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I think this Susan Fosnot doll is just divine, and I am thinking of trying it myself!