Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gail Wilson's interpretation of Izanna Walker Pattern

I DID IT!!!!YEPPERS I ordered Gail Wilson's interpretation of Izanna Walker Pattern
I have been wanting to try this for ever I do mean for ever! So I ordered her pattern
In Gail Wilson's own words here is the description:
NEW IZANNAH WALKER KIT OR PATTERN (13" Doll) - Unlike my other folk style Izannahs whose heads are sewn and stuffed stockinette, I wanted a doll body whose head
would provide a canvas for a portrait style painting of her beloved face with corkscrew curls and downcast eyes. For this I wanted flat weave cloth for the whole doll and a separate
shoulderplate. This doll is taken from an actual historical example wearing just this same outfit. The period dress with cotton battenburg trim and the printed apron are all part of the kitted
supplies. The pattern by itself has instructions for making an apron from other fabric or a pre-printed apron can be ordered below. This is the best pattern I have ever presented. The
shape is wonderful and has been long and hard in the making. I am working on (still) a molded cloth face Izannah, but I wanted one that had the charm of simple painting that could be
achieved without complicated molds.

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Martha said...

I love your dolls! That is too funny about hiding the credit card from DH!

I bought the Gail Wilson pattern, but never even opened it! I have had it for about 3 years now! I should give it a try, I think it would be fun to have a someone else to work with on making her. I have no one in the area that is into dolls or doll making!