Friday, August 28, 2009

Prim Doll Studio Halloween Challenge!

Come One Come All Join Prim Doll Studio Halloween Challenge!

Cloth Doll Artistry's Halloween Challenge

CDA is hosting it's first Halloween Challenge for ALL STUDIOS.

Cloth Doll Artistry Network
Cloth Doll Studio- Group
Cloth Doll Studio- Blog
Crafts Studio- Group
Crafts Studio- Blog
Pin Doll Studio- Group
Pin Doll Studio- Blog
Prim Doll Studio- Group
Prim Doll Studio- Blog
Santa's Studio- Group
Santa's Studio- Blog
Showcase Studio- Blog
Soft Animals Studio- Group
Soft Animals Studio- Blog

Create a Halloween doll, pin or craft. If you are participating in the challenge at this studio, forward one photograph to the studio's coordinator by October 24, 2009. CDA members can vote in each studio for one winner. Voting in each studio will begin October 28 -31, 2009. The winners from each studio will receive a variety of doll patterns, an exclusive class with Kat Lees, a free 3-month advertising spot, and be a featured artist on the showcase studio.

One winner will be selected from the following studios:
Cloth Doll Studio
Crafts Studio
Pin Doll Studio
Prim Doll Studio
Santa's Studio
Soft Animals Studio

That is a total of SIX WINNERS!

Have fun creating! On Your Mark, Get Set.....GO!

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